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Lit From Within: Luminizers

by Organic Spa Magazine
face luminizer

Photograph from W3LL PEOPLE

A luminizer is a wonderful addition for women of all ages. If your skin looks dull, a tiny dab will give it a luminous glow. And if you’re already glowing, it will take it up a notch.

According to W3LL PEOPLE cofounder and makeup artist Shirley Pinkson, who created the cult favorite W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightener Stick, “This wonder stick instantly boosts your glow. It’s the perfect trick for sleepless workaholics who want to look rested and radiant.”

Here are Pinkson’s best tips for application:

  • Warm the product onto the complexion with your fingertips.
  • Apply it to the round of the cheekbone, the bridge of the nose, and on your brow bone for the perfect candlelit glow.
  • To create a glow from within, apply the Bio Brightener Stick to the peaks of the complexion under your favorite powder foundation.
  • To make eyes look brighter, and more awake, apply a dab of highlight to the center of your eyelid.
Organic Highlighter

Ilia Illuminator

This little cream stick, with organic ingredients and rosehip seed oil, is great for highlighting cheeks, brows and even the lower lip. 

Antonym Cosmetics Baked Illuminator

An Ecocert-certified pressed powder will warm and highlight your face with a swirl of luminous champagne tones. 

W3LL People Bio Brightener Stick

With a light, satiny finish, this little stick will become your go-to. It brightens up the skin with a lovely luminosity. 


RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer

This little beauty is easy to apply with fingers, and reflects light to give skin a beautiful, subtle, otherworldly glow. 

Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminizer

With a range of plant-seed oils, lanolin and plant- and beeswaxes, these cast a subtle, luminous glow over the skin, just enough to warm it up and dance with light. 

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