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Launches We Love: Journey by Scent

by Sandra Ramani

As one of Brazil's largest producers of beauty, skin, hair and personal care products, the Natura & Co. brand is a household name in its native land. But following the launch of a NaturaBrasil boutique in New York City's chic Nolita neighborhood, the label soon realized that in addition to introducing Americans to its products, the company needed to introduce them to Brazil as a destination, too. Enter NaturaBrasil Collages, a new natural perfume collection inspired by the rich cultural and environmental diversity of the vast country.

The collection features five fragrances, each crafted by expert perfumers using 100-percent organic alcohol (and presented in recycled packaging), and each designed to evoke a different aspect of Brazil and showcase its indigenous elements—resulting in a sort of "sensory travelogue" of the country. Angelica, for example, blends native tuberose with aquatic flowers and zesty mandarin for a sultry-sweet appeal similar to Brazilian music, while Madeira Branca—a nod to Brazil's wealth of bold, modern architecture—is a structured burst of warm woods, lush green notes and spicy black pepper, and Nectar's mix of blood orange, amber, cut grass and citrus transports you to a balmy summer evening.

Brazil is "so rich in its different expressions, cultures, (and) geographies, offering never-ending creative themes and moods that can be expressed through fragrance," notes Roger Schmid, head of innovation and sustainability for Natura & Co.—which explains both the unique notes and depths of the Collages perfumes, and the brand's plans to expand this initial collection to 12 scents by the year's end. naturabrasil.com

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