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Expert Tips for Beautiful Brows

by Feifei Sun

Expert tips for keeping eyebrows gorgeous and well-groomed. ​

From the pencil-thin trend of the ’90s to the bold and bushy look seen on “It” girls like Cara Delevingne in recent years, eyebrows have always commanded a certain amount of attention. And for good reason: They frame the face and can easily take a beauty look from daytime to dramatic. Here, makeup artists share their best grooming and product tips for gorgeous, flawless brows.

1. Ignore the trends. “The thing about eyebrows is that they’re intrinsically tied to the bone structure and balance of your face,” says makeup artist Merrady Wickes of The Detox Market (thedetoxmarket.com). “What might work for one person won’t work for you.” Brush brow hairs down to see your natural arch and fill in gaps as needed. Wickes warns against over-tweezing or plucking in particular as our brows tend to get thinner and shorter at the ends with age. Also, be careful with face wipes. “They are your brows’ worst enemy because they can be aggressive and take your brow hairs off—along with your makeup.”

2. Pick products based on how much your brows need to be filled in. Wickes suggests a pencil when you need to fill in thin spots and a gel if you already have nice, full brows and just need to keep them in place. “Powder is good for plumping—it gives a soft fullness, but it’s not going to give you hair where you don’t have it,” she says. “I also like brow pomades, which are kind of like what you would get if a pencil, powder, and gel had a baby.”

3. Go one shade lighter than your natural brow color. “Choosing a brow product that’s just a little lighter than your hair color will give you that natural and soft look,” says Rebecca Casciano, a makeup artist based in New York City. “Even if your hair is black, choosing a black pencil or powder can make your brows look painted on.” Her preferred method of application? A shadow with an angled brush.

4. Choose your removal services carefully. If you’re happy with your brow shape and just need upkeep, opt for threading, says expert Sabah Feroz of blinkbrowbar, a walk-in brow bar. “Threading by far is your best option where minimal defluffing is required to remove any stray hairs and keep them looking on point,” she says. “If you are looking to create your dream brows and need a little help with additional hair strokes, microblading is now the go-to treatment, where your brows can be transformed into your bespoke look.”

Best Brows

Great eyebrow grooming products to add to your kit.

EcoBrow All Natural Eyebrow Defining Wax

Eyebrow expert extraordinaire, Marco Ochoa, founder of EcoBrow, has a studio in Beverly Hills, where he shapes brows for Hollywood A-listers. Add a touch of color and help strengthen the brow with his eco-friendly wax. $26; ecobrow.com

Jane Iredale Greatshape Eyebrow Kit

A travel-size compact that lets you maintain beautiful brows on the go, this eyebrow kit features a brow wax to tame unruly hairs, water-resistant powder for filling in color, and a double-ended applicator for easy use. $35; janeiredale.com

Alima Pure Natural Definition Brow Pencil

This pencil is packed with pigment and glides on skin easily to fill in bald spots as needed. $18; alimapure.com

Lily Lolo Natural Eyebrow Duo

A pressed powder in a dual palette, this mineral makeup from London will keep brows beautifully groomed. $15; lilylolo.us

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