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By Jennie Nunn / April 25, 2013

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Chloe Warner

Redmond Aldrich Design, San Francisco;


bio 300px“Lighting is the single most important element of a space. The wrong lighting can make a room gloomy, non-functional, institutional and cheap, while the right lighting can make a space magical,” says Warner. “You can make choices to evoke a romantic, flattering, useful and happy space all by varying the amount of fixtures and where in the space they are located. In general, the closer a fixture is to the ceiling the more business-like the atmosphere.”

ECO HOT LIST “Vintage is best because it literally requires no manufacturing whatsoever. It’s even better if you can find something local. My favorite keyword search is ‘Jean Royere,’ whose sculptural metal lamps almost function as sculpture, and ‘Sciolari,’ who sets the bar for all sparkly chandeliers for all time.”

Lindsey Adelman “I love the “make it yourself” chandelier,” says Warner. “By using common materials available at a local hard- ware store you can make a striking fixture with a tiny footprint.”


1. In every room have light sources at different heights, including overhead, eye-level and hip-level. This will give you maximum flexibility in creating the appropriate mood.

2. Consider a black lampshade for a dramatic look.


Kishani Perera

Kishani Perera Design, Los Angeles;

bs becky sappjpgLIGHTING LOWDOWN

“Lighting is everything in design. It not only serves a function, but it is one of the key elements in setting the mood for a space. Lighting can accentuate certain elements in a room, create a specific ambiance or even elevate a mood,” says Perera. “I love adding reflective surfaces to create and amplify both natural and artificial light in a space, and although I love dark and moody space for the right occasion, I prefer that darkness be elective.”


The Sundance Catalog “They have a great col- lection of recycled table lamps that I love, including the industrial-inspired and unique designs by Robert Ogden,” says Perera. “The fixtures are both a great conversation piece and provide an excellent source for task lighting. There’s nothing better than decor that’s both functional and artistic.”

Cisco Home “Many of their pieces are created using recycled glass, metals and woods,” says Perera. “Their wonderful collection will add instant character to any home, from modern to traditional.”

Rummage “Vintage is my heart, and at my own store, Rummage in Los Angeles, we carry a wide variety of vintage fixtures from the 1940’s-1970’s from across the globe,” adds Perera. “There’s noth- ing that says environmentally-friendly more than vintage. It’s good for the environment and great for your home. My favorite fixture at the shop is the Drip Glazed Lamp.”


1. Layer, which also happens to be my design philosophy in gen- eral. Don’t rely on one source of light to illuminate a space. To create a cozy, functional room, various types of lighting should be implemented. Can lights provide an excellent source of vi- brant task lighting, while table lamps create a wonderful softer level of task lighting, but are generally warmer. Floor lamps and ceiling fixtures add that much needed ambience and glow that is essential to create a comfy, inviting space.

2. Use dimmers—everywhere!

3. Don’t underestimate the power of an amazing lampshade. So often, I custom make shades for clients. It really adds that extra special pop and it’s worth the investment.

Jennie Nunn

Jennie Nunn

West Coast Contributing Editor at Organic Spa Magazine
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