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By Rona Berg / April 25, 2013


What do Deepak Chopra, Terry McAuliffe, Dick Gephardt, the Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Michael Roizen and International Future Living Institute CEO Jason McLennan have in common?

They are on the stellar advisory board at DELOS living, a ground-breaking “wellness real estate” company that is integrating cutting-edge research in medical science and technology with design, through a collaboration with the Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.

The first-ever “wellness loft,” featured here, is located in Manhattan’s Meat-Packing District. It incorporates more than 75 design features specifically aimed to facilitate restful sleep, improve posture and circulation, and increase immunity and energy levels. The DELOS goal is to create beautiful spaces that optimize the physical and emotional health and well-being of the people who live there.

Kitchen & Dining Room

This gorgeous 6500 square foot loft is LEED Platinum certi- fied, but the DELOS concept moves way beyond LEED certifica- tion. ”LEED focuses on energy conservation and sustainabil- ity,” says Dana Pillai, executive director, product development, DELOS Living. “And many DELOS features are intertwined with green and sustainability features. But that is not the focus. The focus is health and wellness.”

The loft’s LED lighting system optimizes the body’s circa- dian rhythms and can be set to regulate melatonin levels every night to help with jet lag. Floors are built with a natural rubber and cork layer that “floats” to help soften impact on joints and improve posture.

The air is passed through a filtration system that eliminates air pollution common to typical New York City apartments, which are ventilated through gaps in windows that become encrusted with particulate matter, a byproduct of combustion  small enough to get stuck in the lungs. The air filtration system can also incorporate aromatherapy for the benefit of relaxation. Walls, windows and doors are built with triple-pane windows to absorb and filter sound. “Waking up from a fire engine going by is annoying, and we can measure that effect long-term,” say Pillai. Shower water is infused with antioxidant vitamin C, to promote softer skin and healthy hair, and also help heal wounds faster.

Bedroom 1

“The house is like a plant, it draws all its resources from its immediate environ- ment,” says Pillai. And, like a plant, with its system of interconnected roots, DELOS is poised to branch out around the U.S. The first “wellness office” pilot is under construction in LA. DELOS will launch its flagship Wellness Real Estate com- plex this year in New York’s Greenwich Village. The company rolled out its suc- cessful pilot Stay Well room at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in 2012, and they are now in discussions to expand the concept into spas in Napa and Aspen.

The DELOS planners pay attention to detail, even down to the creation of sim- ple visual cues in the home such as a spot for fruits and vegetables in the kitchen, for example, to encourage people to eat healthily. “We’re trying to get people to pay attention,” says Pillai. “We are trying to figure out what to do about people’s behavior,” he continues. “Only when we address that, will we have wellness.”

Rona Berg

Rona Berg

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