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By Alia Akkam / September 7, 2011

At his New York City restaurant Gusto Organics, Alberto Gonzalez noticed that many mothers would come in for lunch with babies in tow, order an entrée, and start mashing it up at the table. He would wander over and ask what they were doing and they’d respond, “We want to feed our babies with all organic food.” Rather than leave his customers to macerate their own veggies in the dining room, he decided a homemade baby food menu, embracing the restaurant’s devotion to sustainability, was in order. Now tykes can enjoy the likes of zucchini, carrot, and potato puree made with salted water, macaroni with spinach and Parmesan cream, and banana and dulce de leche puree—smooth for babies, chunkier for toddlers. “Parents love the idea of food that is absolutely free of synthetic antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, and chemicals. And, babies typically love our food,” says Gonzalez, who points out that even those with finicky palates tend to clean their plates.

Alia Akkam
Alia Akkam

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