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Italian Plant-Based Milk

by Organic Spa Magazine

The menu of plant-based milks is endlessly expansive. Where once, soy milk occupied a lonely perch in the dairy-free milk zone, now, it has been joined by hemp, almond, oat, coconut and, soon, we’ll be seeing potato milk on the grocery shelf.

According to data commissioned by The Good Food Institute and the Plant Based Foods Association from the data-technology firm SPINS, in the last year, sales of plant-based foods replacing animal products has grown 27 percent to $7 billion, twice as quickly as the growth of overall food sales. And milk alternatives account for 35 percent of that figure!

But anyone who has taste-tested as many plant-based milk brands as I have, knows there’s a wide range of flavors, ranging from, well, chalky, to creamy and delicious. Koita, a shelf-stable, non-GMO, plant-based milk brand now available in the U.S., falls squarely in the latter category!

Produced in Italy, Koita plant milks are made with very few ingredients, no fillers and no added sugar, though they have a pleasing sweetness to their flavor. Available in organic almond, soy, rice, organic coconut, oat and organic almond + coconut, they are totally addictive and incredibly tasty!

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