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Gifts for the Workout Warrior

by Organic Spa Magazine

All-in-One Trainer

Turn any bike into an indoor stationary training station with this Blackburn Tech Mag 5 Trainer all-you-need kit. There’s the docking station, a mat to protect your floor and stationary blocks. The kit also includes a variety of resistance levels. $219; blackburndesign.com

No Sweat

Patagonia Women’s Ahnya Crew, an old-school crewneck sweatshirt, goes from hang-out time to winter sports without a need to change. Made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, this Fair Trade version is cozy, comfy with a dash of high-performance. $59; patagonia.com

Super Vegan Tote

Go from the gym to the office and back again with this stylish tote by the vegan indie designer Angela Roi. Made of animal-friendly EPUL (Exquisite Polyurethane Leather), the bag is completely cruelty-free. A portion of proceeds goes to the ASPCA. $140; angelaroi.com

No-Slip Yoga

This Manduka Yogitoes Towel no-slip towel, with its inspirational design, has grippy nubs on the bottom side so no sliding while flowing. Use on its own or layered on your mat. Made from recycled plastic bottles and dyed with lead-free pigments. $70; manduka.com

Clean Water

The new portable ZeroWater tumbler filters nearly all the total dissolved solids (TDS) from tap water. The on-the-go, gravity-fed system removes aluminum, zinc, lead, nitrate and more from tap water. Feel good bonus—the company donates to clean water initiatives in schools and cities. $14.99; zerowater.com

Burst a Move

These pineapple-flavored Neocell Joint Bursts, with collagen, are not only great for joint health and easier recovery after a workout, the added benefit is thicker hair and radiant skin! $20; neocell.com

Apple Watch Nike+

This partnership product is the tech equivalent to the U.S. women’s gymnastics team—it’s such a powerhouse it resets all fitness goals. Made with runners in mind, the watch is packed with features like the Nike+Run Club app (it tracks pace, distance and more) and a band that doesn’t get sticky with sweat. $369; nike.com; apple.com

Muscle Melt

Soothe, heal and reward hard-working muscles with the Saje Muscle Melt ultra-humectant mango and shea butter moisturizer. The rich blend of all-natural essential oils promises to restore and hydrate thanks to the rosemary, eucalyptus and Roman chamomile. $19.95; saje.ca

Mind-Body Connection

One of the benefits of exercise is a clear mind; full hearts are another. Best described as a guided meditation meets a cardio sweat sesh, the Moticise DVD new workout system amps up the mind-body connection with a full throttle integration. DVDs come with a workbook and 14-days of brain enhancers. $19.99; moticise.com

Dat Mat

These yoga mats add a little humor to your ohm, with wacky designs from fat cats to watermelon slices and donuts. Made of polymer environmentally friendly resin (PER) high-density foam, the nonslip collection of mats is limited edition. $39.99; lookatdatmat.com

Lucky Iron Fish

Fact: Runners and other high-performance athletes are prone to iron deficiency thanks to all that sweat. This adorable fish ups iron intake by simply boiling in water. Christmas bonus: The company has a buy-one-give-one program. $25; luckyironfish.com

Give It a Shot

This little NYC-based organic juice company now packages Magic Mix Juicery Power Shots that promise half a day’s worth of veggies. All shots, which are delivered frozen, are raw, vegan, kosher and gluten-free. $5 for 3 shots; magicmixjuicery.com

Too Cool

The name of this top, Showers Pass Long Sleeve Alpine Jersey, is a bit of a misnomer. The waterproof, moisture-wicking top is more of a cool reflective jacket. Piping and other design details illuminate under headlights making it perfect for cyclers and early AM runners. $125; showerspass.com

Keep It Dry

This three-liter Matador Droplet Wet Bag’s calling card is its convenience—it folds into a key chain. It’s also waterproof inside and out, making it perfect for wet bathing suits and kayaking trips. Bonus: It can double as a shopping bag. $14.99; matadorup.com

Yoga for Everyone

With gazillion styles, instructors, music selections and time promises from two- to 120-minute sessions, Yoga Download is the ultimate fit-for-everyone streaming service. There’s Ashtanga and Anusara, pre- and post-natal, Vinyasa, even yoga en español. $24 for a three-month subscription; yogadownload.com

Toning Tool

Bellying up to the barre takes on new meaning with a class pack from this national boutique chain. Tummies get tightened, legs lengthened and bodies toned all-over during this low-impact workout. barmethod.com

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