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Interview with Britta Aragon

by Organic Spa Magazine

Britta, what was your mission when you launched the brand?

When I launched CV Skinlabs, I was so excited, because I knew that finally...finally!...people living with cancer, or people with certain medical conditions, or simply those with sensitive skin, could enjoy hydrated, moisturized, comfortable and radiant skin.

My father and I both suffered from redness, rashes, dryness and more when we were going through cancer treatments. I’ve since seen a number of other people suffering from these same symptoms, plus others like itching, eczema, flaking, dullness, fragility and much more. These conditions aren’t just uncomfortable. They can truly affect confidence and self-esteem.

The problem is that if you have cancer, or you have other serious medical conditions, or your skin is just reactive, you can’t use most of the products out there. You can’t use things with sulfates, petrolatum and ureas and all these harsh chemicals, because most of the time they make your skin worse. So you’re left with very few choices. Of those, many don’t do what you need them to do. They don’t moisturize deeply. They don’t calm and soothe. They don’t encourage healing.

I worked with a panel of experts to be sure every CV Skinlabs ingredient was not only beneficial to skin, but lacked any connections whatsoever to irritation or other health issues. As a result, the products are so safe
even babies can use them, and they truly work! You have to use them only once to see it, and over time, the results get even better. No matter what you start with, you gradually see healthier, softer, smoother, more
radiant skin.

In terms of skincare ingredients, what do those going through treatment for cancer need to watch out for the most?

Most people know that harsh sulfates aren’t good—they can irritate fragile skin—and that petrolatum products do little good because they only cover skin. They don’t supply the real moisture that skin so desperately needs. Fragrances are also a bad idea, as they can cause allergic reactions and they’re created from a cocktail of chemicals that aren’t listed on the label.

But many may not be aware that we can also find hormone-disruptors in our skincare, and that can be dangerous if you’re battling a hormone-based cancer, like breast cancer or prostate cancer. These are ingredients like phthalates, parabens, disodium-EDTA, and even estrogen-based ingredients added to anti-aging formulas.

Finally, it’s good to be aware that many skincare products may contain by-products that are actually carcinogens. These include formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane. The levels are low, but we don’t know what exposure over 10, 20, 30 years or more can do. You can avoid these for the most part by avoiding skincare products with fragrances and sulfates.

Learn More: cvskinlabs.com

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