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The Founder of Global Wellness Day

by Rona Berg

Belgin Aksoy turned her life around after a bout with thyroid cancer 10 years ago. She has been determined to share the importance of health and wellness ever since.
Aksoy, the Turkish-born founder of Global Wellness Day, began with a simple idea: to create a day (June 13) devoted to a celebration of wellness and healthy living around the world. Global Wellness Day began a couple of years ago at the Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa in Lake Sapanca, the first destination spa in Turkey, which Aksoy also founded. It is now celebrated in 32 countries around the world—and growing.
“I’ve always been interested in anything having to do with healthy living, especially after my illness,” says Aksoy. “Turning illness into wellness should be our mission. If we can change one bad habit—if someone drinks more water, stops drinking soda, takes a 15 to 20 minute walk every day—we’ve fulfilled our mission,” she continues.
After her cancer, Aksoy restricted her diet, eliminating sugar and alcohol, and embraced a rigorous exercise regimen that begins at 5:30 a.m. every day. “If I hadn’t changed my lifestyle, I would weigh 30 kilos more, I’d be depressed and my child would be unhappy,” she says. “I put limits on myself so I can be free my whole life.” Happy Global Wellness Day!

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