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Summer Fashion In Living Color

by Myron Mariano

Not ready to commit to a bright and cheery palette for you summer fashion? No worries. Start small with pops of color!
Pink Love
A portion of every sale of these sunglasses goes towards the Keep a Breast Foundation, an organization that informs, educates, and inspires people to choose non-toxic products to help reduce instances of breast cancer. SPY + Non Toxic Revolution (NTR) Discord; $130; spyoptic.com
Cool Off
Cold wraps promote the healing of overworked muscles and joints. Dr. Cool Recovery Wraps, from $24, drcoolrecovery.com
Far Beyond
This T-shirt, at first glance, looks more like a fashion piece, but it certainly holds its own when worn for athletic purposes. Pure merino and Tencel work together to wick sweat, and bonded seams make it feel like you’re not wearing anything. Icebreaker Strike Short-Sleeve Crewe; $99.99; icebreaker.com
Downtown Hip
This über-modern take on a classic chukka, features a textured canvas with an eye-catching strip of mosaic pattern in the insole and backstrap. Teva Wander Chukka; $60; teva.com
There and Back Again
When camping is calling, take heed! These odor-resistant shorts are lightweight but extremely durable, ideal for backyard and back-country treks. Icebreaker Compass Shorts; $149.99; icebreaker.com

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