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Fall for Beauty

by Karim Orange
Fall Beauty tips

It took a while, but Fall is finally here. If you live someplace where the weather has gone from hot to cold, it’s time to change your beauty regimen. If you live with more consistent year-round weather consider yourself lucky, but it’s still time to switch it up.

Here are some tips to help you fall for beauty.

Add an Extra Layer Since fall usually requires more fabric on your skin, you might find that your body needs more hydration, and you might want to add an extra layer of moisture. Look for products that are soothing and moisturizing to the body like Shea Moisture Dragon Blood and Coffee Cherry Instant Rebound Moisturizer. The antioxidant rich coffee cherry extract helps the skin maintain moisture. The addition of Omega 6-rich borage oil hydrates the skin with essential fatty acids.

Feed Your Skin Sometimes your skin needs a one-ingredient booster. Sweet potatoes are a favorite fall food that has amazing topical skincare benefits. When you boil a sweet potato, the water that remains has a ton of nutrients. Strain the water and use on your skin as a toner. You can also mash sweet potatoes with almond or olive oil to make a wonderful hair mask.

From the Inside Out Fall is a great time to try or add new supplements. TimeBlock: Swiss Botanical Science is a anti-aging daily vitamin that you take twice a day (once in the morning, and once at bed-time). The vitamins are derived from non-GMO botanicals grown at high elevations in the Himalayan Mountains. Some of the main ingredients are grape seeds, shitake, brown seaweed and barley.

Another great internal fall beauty must-try is a melanoid protein-based powder derived from watermelon seeds called Dope Naturally. Add this to your favorite morning blended drink, or mix with coconut water. You can even add it to cereal and yogurt. This anti-aging protein contains organic watermelon, beets, dragon fruit, and strawberries.

A New Spa or Wellness Service Two great times to add a facial or spa treatment to your routine are Spring and Fall. Each year, New York City hosts Spa Week, where you can get spa and wellness treatments all over the city for $50.

Since your skin is going from hot to cold (summer to fall), a facial that incorporates a bit of cold is the way to go. I recently tried a Cryo-Freeze facial for fall at Smooth Synergy in New York City. The experience was amazing. First your skin is steamed to loosen blackheads and unclog pores, before a purifying seaweed mask was placed on my skin. The final step is a facial massage with Cryo-Freeze Globes, which are known to increase circulation, calm the skin and give it a radiant glow! @thatgirlorange

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