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Farm-Fresh Beauty

by Abbie Kozolchyk

Often, what happens on TikTok stays on TikTok. But occasionally, something gets so big there, it spills over, leaving the rest of the world to catch up fast. Thus the explainers of “Tomato Girl Summer” that you’ve likely seen anywhere from Vogue to Slate over the past month or so. And while this trend is technically fashion-centered—think gingham, eyelet, linen and wicker—a bumper crop of beauty products is bringing a similarly languid, fresh-from-the-farmers’-market vibe to late summer and early fall. Here, a quick taste.

Le Prunier Plumbody Hydrating Antioxidant Crème 

The latest offering from the creators of cult favorites Plumscreen and Plum Beauty Oil, this rich moisturizerturns the plums from an organic family farm into the perfect antidote to chlorine- and saltwater-induced dryness.

Ceremonia Guava Protect & Repair Wash Duo

Subjected to those same forces, hair can not only dry out, but also discolor—and while this new power couple helps mitigate both effects, we’ll be honest: The guava scent is at least as impressive.   

Relevant 13 Stems Eau de Parfum

After taking in top notes of green pepper and freesia, you’ll get to the heart of this sunny summer scent: cucumber and bamboo, rounded out by earthy-fresh violet leaf, among others. 

Alpyn Beauty Wild Huckleberry Radiance Recovery Peel

Just in time to relieve heat wave-weary faces, this new sensitive skin-friendly spin on the long beloved Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel uses wild huckleberry to brighten, colloidal oatmeal to soothe and chamomile to reduce redness.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Green Fig Cleansing Balm

Once you’ve revived your skin, don’t make the mistake of restripping it—especially when you’re washing up. Instead, go for a product that’s as restorative as it is cleansing, such as this fig scented, elderberry oil-infused balm—a limited edition blend that debuts on September 6.

Flamingo Estate Roma Tomato Products

Fresh from the celebrity-beloved lifestyle brand Flamingo Estate, various Roma Tomato products—hand soap, body wash, bar soap and lotion—are set to debut in September. The titular ingredient, packed with antioxidants and other skin-nourishers, is the product of regenerative, organic farming, and couldn’t cater more beautifully to tomato girl summer.

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