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Fair Trade Margarita Glasses Made Of Recycled Glass

by Elke Erschfeld


Multifunctional products are an easy way to save natural resources without compromising beautiful design. That’s why I love the Sobremesa Blue Margarita Glasses that double as pretty dishes for ice cream, sorbet, or fruit salad. The color-rimmed glasses save space at home and are better for the environment since fewer resources are needed to produce one versus two products. They are made of clear recycled glass and have a cone-shaped cup with a blue or green rim. You can use them to serve your favorite cold drinks or desert, which makes them perfect for entertaining family and friends during the hot summer months.

All recycled margarita glasses are handmade by a cooperative in Cantel, Guatemala, called COPAVIC. The former employees of an Italian-run recycled glass factory in the same village founded the cooperative in 1976. Its members created a workplace where artisans could directly benefit from their work and receive health care and life insurance in addition to earning a living wage. If you want to see their production process you might want to check out the video about the factory. It will give a feel for the skills and labor that go into turning recycled glass into gorgeous glassware. Using recycled glassware is better for the environment since recyclable materials are kept out of landfills and less energy is used than in the creation of new glass.

Sobremesa by Greenheart is a division of Greenheart International, which supports fair trade, eco-friendly products and local social enterprises through their Greenheart Shop. By shopping fair trade, you not only buy beautifully handcrafted one-of-a-kind products, but you also support communities, safe working conditions and sustainable environmental practices. It’s a way to respect the cultural identity of artisan communities and honor their traditions. The color-rimmed margarita glasses come with matching wine glasses, cordial glasses, water glasses, and juice glasses. But as mentioned before, less is more when to comes to preserving the environment. Please think twice before buying something you don’t need. Instead reuse or repurpose what you already have or opt for multipurpose items. Our planet will thank you.

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