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World Travelers

by Rona Berg

We asked some of our favorite eco-executive world travelers to share their secrets to successful travel

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Cristina Trayfors




Who are you?

Shel Pink, founder of SpaRitual and leader of the Slow Beauty Movement.

Where are you going (next trip)?

New Orleans.

What are your top five travel essentials, and why?

1. Ginger Yogi Tea, because ginger is warming and grounding, and I like the Yogi tea quotes.

2. A large scarf to keep me warm in the airport and on the plane.

3. SpaRitual Handprint Hand Salve because it keeps my hands moisturized.

4. SpaRitual Lip Gloss because it keeps my lips moisturized and slightly tinted with color.

5. A “hands-free” bag, because it feels lighter, it’s easy to access, and it’s super convenient.

The one thing you cannot travel without?

Meditation, yoga mat and a good book.

Favorite destination?

Bangkok because it is such an exciting and vibrant city—and Israel, because you can feel the spirituality and creativity in the air.

Your top travel tip?

Drink a lot of water so you don’t get dehydrated.


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Who are you?

My name is Nitika Chopra, and I am the host of the talk show Naturally Beautiful on Veria Living Television, as well as the founder of the online magazine YourBellaLife.com.

Where are you going?

San Francisco to visit my amazing friend Sarah after giving birth to her first baby. It’s a boy!

What are your top five travel essentials?

1. A gorgeous Stephanie Johnson bag for all of my travel products. A pop of color always brightens my day, even when I am jet-lagged. The ML Traveler is my favorite.

2. I usually take the red-eye when I head to the West Coast, so nothing is more essential than a killer eye cream. I never travel without Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream.

3. A journal with as many blank pages as possible! Something happens when I get to a new place, and I am away from my normal surroundings. My creativity is charged and I need to get all of my thoughts down on paper.

4. When I travel for pleasure, I love to wear less makeup so I can give my skin a break and let it breathe. With that said, I still want to look pulled together! My favorite way to achieve a pulled-together look is with amazing lashes, and my favorite mascara to use is Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara by Tarte.

5. Lots and lots and lots of H2O. I know it seems so obvious, but when I travel, it is one of my top priorities to make sure I am even more hydrated than ever. My skin gets so dry from being on a plane and my system is always a little off. Water helps me feel so healthy and feel almost no effects from traveling!

The one thing you cannot travel without? JA14_world travelers_02

Knowing that sunscreen is so important, I can’t ever leave home without my Lavender Protective Moisturizer from Naturopathica, because it feels like a spa trip in a bottle and is such great protection for your face!

Favorite destination and why?

My absolute favorite place to travel to is India. My family is from there, and every time I go back it is a spiritual experience. I love how vibrant every single thing is; I love the simplicity and purity of the people I encounter; and I am in awe of the magnificent history.

Top travel tip?

Let. It. Go! When you’re home, it’s natural to get stressed about being on time and making deadlines, but when you’re traveling I suggest you give yourself (and your overscheduled mind) a break. Have fun and practice the art of relaxing!


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Randall Erkelens / Bluedot Studios

Sandja Brügmann


Who are you?

I am a passionate lover of living my life to the fullest, and continuously finding ways to peel away the layers standing in my way to do so. And, there is nothing I love more than helping other people and my clients do the same.

I am the founder and chief creative strategist of Refresh Agency (refreshagency.com), a specialized boutique communications, PR and social media firm focusing on sustainable and social good brands, with offices in Boulder, CO, and Copenhagen, Denmark—two of the world’s prime sustainable innovation epicenters.

Where are you going (next trip)?

The next for play trip is to Paris with my daughter, Amilija, and one of her best friends from growing up in Boulder, CO.

What are your top five travel essentials?

John Masters Organics Pomegranate facial nourishing oil, melatonin to manage jetlag, Bach Rescue Remedy spray in travel size, Pukka three fennel herb tea and my Moleskine journal.

The one thing you cannot travel without and why?JA14_world travelers_04

Warm ski socks! I kick off my boots on the plane and cozy up in my warm socks and Karmameju leggings with a cup of Pukka calming tea. Planes are always so cold.

Favorite destination and why?

Spier Wine Farm (spier.co.za) outside Cape Town in the beautiful wine country Stellenbosch in South Africa. The kindness and hospitality of everyone I met there was bar none. Spier is a company dedicated to sustainability and social good, and I felt the passion and true human and environmental concern in everything they do. And it is delicious in every way, from a clean and nice hotel room, wine tastings, off-road Segway tours of the organic vineyards and art that inspires everywhere, to a low-key relaxing and present atmosphere.

Top travel tip?

Curiosity. I consciously set my intention to be one of curiosity and allowing magic. I find that this allows me to get closer to people and new and different cultures. My travels are a source of renewed aliveness and inspiration.


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Joe Garrad

Amy Illias


Who are you?

Amy Ilias, EVP Art & Design at ABC Carpet & Home (abchome.com).

Where are you going (next trip)?


What are your top five travel essentials and why?

1. Tracie Martyn Shakti, the perfect hydrating and restorative moisturizer.

2. IN time zone remedy; it really works .

3. An oversized Gary Graham sweater. Everything looks good with a Gary Graham sweater.

4. iPad for yogaglo.com and iTunes.

5. A great book—currently The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

The one thing you cannot go without?

The New York Times crossword puzzle.

Favorite destination?

My recent favorite is Iceland.

Your top travel tip?

Experience what is put in front of you.

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