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EcoSmart Fire

by Graham Emerson Beck

 John Steinbeck once wrote, “what good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” No words seem to ring out truer than those of Mr. Steinbeck’s over the course of a frigid winter in Rocky River. But what is one to do? You can bundle up in layers of coats and hats until you look like Randy from the Christmas Story. Or you could crank the heat up until the gas bill reaches triple digits. Or you could visit our friends at EcoSmart Fire and experience the future of fire.

Ecosmart Fire


Nothing can take the chill out of winter more than a cozy fireplace to relax in front of. But with the amount of maintenance and mess a traditional fireplace can create, this fiery haven can become more hassle than homelike. Imagine a fireplace that eliminates the majority of the maintenance while generating virtually zero mess and burns cleaner than a conventional wood-burning fireplace. This is exactly what EcoSmart Fire has created – an entire line of easy-clean, no-mess, clean-burning fireplaces that present a look of refinement while retaining the comfy qualities of your home.

Since 2004, EcoSmart Fire has reinvented the way the world views a fireplace, or as they call it, “fire furniture.” They have taken the simple idea of a fireplace and made it into just that – furniture. Whether it’s their Fireplace Grates, which converts a traditional fire space into an “eco-friendly, bioethanol” hearth, their selection of Outdoor fireplaces or their freestanding Designer fireplaces, EcoSmart Fire meets the needs of every fire-inspired consumer. One of those consumers is the Fischback family and getting an EcoSmart Fire fireplace into the Rocky River Green Home was a must. But it wasn’t just the contemporary designs or the innovative thinking that went into making a home’s fireplace cleaner and environmentally safer – it was how brilliantly EcoSmart Fire combined the two components together to form the future of fire.

The most notable point that stands out about these fireplaces is the that there is no wood. This bears repeating – there is no wood. EcoSmart Fire achieves such a feat by trading in the standard fire fuel for a smarter, cleaner substance called bioethanol, a fermented substance made from plant bi-products. That’s right – plants. Corn, potatoes, rice – they’re all renewable resources for fuel and EcoSmart Fire applied this technology to their fireplace design with monumental success. Using bioethanol means there is no more wood to buy, no more chimney cleaning and most important, no more carbon monoxide risks within the home.

According to Colorado State University, hundreds of deaths in the U.S. are attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning every year and one of the major causes for those deaths are faulty or unmaintained fireplaces in the home. That’s scary stuff. With EcoSmart Fire fireplaces, the bioethanol burns clean, meaning the fire gives off carbon dioxide, a chemical used by plants during photosynthesis, instead of the deadly carbon monoxide.

Enough with the tech talk and on to the stimulating side to EcoSmart Fire which is the immaculate design of their fireplaces. From the traditional “bricked-in” fireplace to the unique designer looks, EcoSmart Fire provides over 170 design suggestions on their website along with over 40 case studies of actual product usage. This is a dream for any designer or renovator out there looking for the perfect compliment to any room or outdoor space.

The Fischback’s chose one of EcoSmart Fire’s Firebox Inserts – a highly versatile option that comes with proper clearance for the flame. All the Fischback’s had to do was find the perfect location for this beauty and install it. They chose the double-sided wall in the master bedroom which looks onto the living area as well as the bed.

With winter well under way and the temperatures plummeting with each snowy day, skip the layers and stay away from the thermostat. Instead, cozy up to any one of the many options EcoSmart Fire has to offer and keep the body warm and the mind at ease. 

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