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Sustainable Holiday Fashion

by Karim Orange

This is such a magical time of the year, lots of parties and holiday cheer, so what’s a girl to wear to stay holistically hip? Here are a few ideas from Amour Vert and designer Neide Ambrosio for the holiday events in your life.

Check out Amour Vert‘s sustainable holiday line called Decadence (love the name). Decadence is a limited edition collection sourced from sustainable products such as jacquard, sequins and silk velvet. How are these fabrics sustainable, you ask? For the holiday collection, Amour Vert utilizes leftover fabric that would normally be discarded. Even in their traditional, non-holiday collection, Amour Vert founders (and husband-and-wife team) Christoph Frehsee and Linda Balti incorporate organic and sustainable fabrics with low-impact dyes. Amour Vert makes it possible to go green and keep the glam.

From Amour Vert, I hope you enjoy:

Violet Dress


Annie Dress


Isabella Skirt


And these accessories from Brazilian sustainable designer, Neide Ambrosio, are wonderfully creative. (Plus, they go great day or evening.) Ambrosio’s accessories are crafted from soda poptops and are crocheted by hand. Neide got the idea to crochet soda cans from Brazilians’ love of canned drinks, and as a way to keep the land that she loves clean and litter-free.

Recycled Aluminum Belts


Crochet Soda Poptop Cosmetic Bag


Have a wonderful holiday!


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