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By Belinda Recio / September 10, 2011

There are two ways to make a “green” paint. One method involves reducing or eliminat-ing the toxic chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of typical commercial paints. Most of the paint brands on the market contain chemicals that release “VOCs,” or “Vola-tile Organic Compounds” into the air. These VOCs can be irritating and even toxic to people and pets, and they contribute to ozone and smog formation. The other method for creating a “green” paint is to make paint from natural materials, such as milk, clay, chalk, earth, and mineral pigments, plant materials, and other organic ingredients.

Here is a list of paint manufacturers who produce paints with low or no VOCs, or who produce natural paints.


AFM Safecoat

AFM eliminated toxic ingredients—such as solvents, heavy metals, chemical residuals, formaldehyde, and other harmful preservatives—from their product line. They also cre-ated the “Ayurveda Essence” line, a palette of 108 colors arranged in 36-color micro palettes that correspond to the three major constitutional types of East Indian medicine: vata, pitta, and kapha.


American Clay

Manufactured in and using materials from the United States, American Clay uses natu-ral clays, recycled and reclaimed aggregates, and vibrant natural pigments in their Earth Plaster line. American Clay’s plaster is a practical, environmentally friendly alternative to cement, gypsum, acrylic, and lime plasters. It is compatible with the “breatheable” con-struction practices recommended for both historic and new buildings.



BioShield Paint Company manufactures wall finishes and paints using an extensive col-lection of 50 pigments, based on earth and ultramarine hues. BioShield promises that their paints are the greenest, cleanest, healthiest paints alive. Their paints are zero VOC and solvent-free.


Ecos Organic Paints

Ecos paints and varnishes are totally solvent-free and have been independently tested to reveal 0.0 percent VOCs. In addition to their range of 108 paint colors, Ecos Organic Paints also offer an individualized color-matching service.




Freshaire Choice paint contains no volatile organic compounds, and is certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI), a well-respected industry-independent, non-profit organization that provides verification for low-emitting products. It comes in 65 gorgeous colors.


Genuine Old-Fashioned Homemade Milk Paint Company

Genuine milk paint is made from milk protein, (also known as casein) and lime, (also known as calcium), plus earth and/or mineral pigments. The Genuine Old-Fashioned Homemade Milk Paint Company makes true milk paint in 20 colors.


Mythic Paint

Mythic®paint is a non-toxic, ultra-low odor paint that provides excellent durability and coverage without the VOCs and cancer-causing toxins. It is available in a 1,232-color palette and can also be matched to any competitors color through a proprietary toxin-free coloring system using color matching software.


Sherwin Williams’s Harmony Paints

Sherwin Williams’ Harmony Latex paint is a durable, zero-VOC, low-odor interior product perfect for occupied areas. It meets the criteria for coatings in LEED-certified build-ings.



Green Decorating Resource Guide


• Bosch,, 800-944-2904

• Cuisinart,, 800-726-0190

• GE,, 800-626-2005

• Honey Well,, 800-328-8194

• InSinkerator,, 800-558-5700

• Sub Zero,, 800-222-7820

• ToTo,, 770-282-8686


Bedding & More

• Anna Sova Luxury Organics,, 214-742-7682

• Good Night Naturals,, 866-388-5154

• Lifekind,, 800-284-4983

• Savvy Rest,, 866-856-4044


Décor and Accessories

• AFM Safecoat,, 619-239-0321

• Benjamin Moore,, 201-573-9600

• Coyuchi,, 888-418-8847

• Eden Home,, 877-513-2212

• Feel More Human,, 877-424-8626

• Flor,, 866-281-3567

• Howard Naturals,, 800-266-9545

• Velux,, 800-888-3589


Flooring and Surfaces

• Eco-Friendly Flooring,, 866-250-3273

• EcoTimber,, 510-809-8200

• EnviroGLAS,, 972-608-3790

• Ice Stone,, 718-624-4900

• Oceanside Glasstile,, 760-929-4000

• Robin Reigi,, 212-924-5558

• Stone Source,, 212-979-6400

• Teragren,, 206.842.9477

• Town & Country Flooring,, 212-679-0312



• Ducduc,, 877-538-2382

• EcoTots,, 866-490-9800

• Earthsake,, 877-268-1026

• Emeco,, 800-366-5951

• Ikea,

• Jessica Wickham,, 917-797-9247

• Natural Care,, 877-399-9397

• Q Collection,, 800-775-0994


Home-Spa Equipment

• Ashiyu,, 503-232-0920

• Kohler,, 800-456-4537

• Mr. Steam,, 800-767-8326

• Sunlight Saunas,, 877-292-0020



• Art & Creative Materials Institute,, 781-293-4100

• EcoKids,, 323-352-8115

• Gator Tots,, 888-851-8477

• PlanToys,, 866-517-7526

Belinda Recio

Belinda Recio

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