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Belinda Recio

Belinda Recio is a writer and curator working at the intersections of nature, art, and soul. She has authored books and iOS apps on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from animals to sacred arts. She is the founder of True North Gallery, where she exhibits art that connects people with the natural world. She is also a past recipient of the United States Humane Society’s Award for Innovation in the Study of Animals and Society.


Downward Goat

By Belinda Recio / March 27, 2018
It may not be obvious, but combining a yoga practice with goats (“Goat Yoga”) has real, quantifiable benefitsAnyone who
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No Dumb Cluck

By Belinda Recio / May 8, 2017
Contrary to popular opinion, chickens are really smartOver the past 10 years, chickens—the most common bird on the planet—have been
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Pet Tech

By Belinda Recio / December 5, 2016
Do pet apps and other digitally enhanced systems help or hinder our relationships with our furry friends?
As 2016 draws
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