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Create a Zen Sanctuary

by Jennie Nunn

Design an at-home space dedicated to all things calm

Boho Vibe

Add interest and define a space with the made-to-order iron and cotton Hallie Macramé Room Divider Screen. urbanoutfitters.com

Hanging Out

Artfully display decorative objects or essentials on the Asher Rope Hanging Wall Shelf; it’s made of mango wood and cotton rope. urbanoutfitters.com

Healing Powers

Complete the sanctuary with VivaTerra’s Selenite candles derived from the crystal stone intended to purify, clear and promote positive energy. vivaterracom

Having A Moment

Cofounded by husband-and-wife team Aisha Chottani and Faheem Kajee, Moment, a botanical drink for meditation, offers three flavors—Rooibos Blood Orange, Tulsi Lemon and Hibiscus Dragon Fruit—and includes L-theanine, naturally occurring in green tea; ashwagandha, an ancient Ayurvedic root; and organic apple cider. drinkmoment.com

Yoga Zone

Use the eco-friendly Arabesque double-sided yoga mat for stretching, lounging and yoga. Not only is it understated and calming, it’s free of BPAs, phthalates and latex. yogamere.com

Serene Living

Constructed of banana tree bark and Indonesian mahogany, the Copenhagen chair is a wink to midcentury design. vivaterrea.com

Quiet Reflection

VivaTerra’s Curvy Zen Accent Stool is made from 100-percent reclaimed elm boards and is designed with extra storage space for books and magazines. vivaterra.com

Tune In

Made of pure bronze, the healing Sunset sound bowl is replete with a hand-carved teakwood striker. theohmstore.co

Breathing Room

Bodha’s Smokeless Incense and Black Brass Holder Set features incense crafted in Japan with organic wood and essential oils spanning Refresh, Ground, Calm and Purify, and a hand-cast brass holder artfully made in a 100-year-old Japanese foundry. bodha.com

The Home Zen

Amy Ormond, owner and designer of Yogamere—a lifestyle collection for yoga, fitness and meditation—shares her three tips for getting in the zone at home. yogamere.com

Make It Easy

A home wellness sanctuary must be visible, accessible and inviting. Whatever you choose to be a part of your zen space, it should be always readily available, never requiring any work or effort to set up or put away.

Contemplate the Design

Choose materials and colors that are pleasing to you and that meld with your home environment. Whether it be a yoga mat, hand weights, bolster or Savasana (or Corpse Pose) blanket, don’t compromise on the expectation that they be just as beautiful as the other items you’ve carefully selected for your home. Layer colors and textures that draw you to the space and insist on materials that have a pleasing touch and feel.

Location, Location, Location

Natural light changes and lifts your mood, so whenever possible orient your sanctuary near a window or door that allows natural light to stream in. Take advantage of any view to nature by positioning your zen space toward the vista. Turn off artificial light and flow by candlelight, and position mirrors to reflect sunlight toward your zen space.

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