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Bee Beauty

by Organic Spa Magazine

Conscious conservation with cosmetics

Spring is just around the corner and, thankfully, the warmer weather is rolling in. Soon the flowers will be in bloom and bees will return for another season of pollination.

But the population is dwindling and bees are dying at an alarming rate. Between 2015 and 2016, beekeepers noticed a 44 percent drop in their colonies due to a number of environmental factors, including shriveled wing disease, due to pesticide exposure, according to the Organic Trade Association. While the USDA and Apiary Inspectors educate the world, let’s keep the bees in our daily beauty routine with some brands that protect those little honey makers.

Bee Lovely

NYR Organics has raised over $100,000 toward their Bee Lovely Charities since its launch in 2011. The Bee Lovely lines includes balm, hand lotions, body butter and showertime essentials. Don’t forget to sign the petition before you check out!


Handmade Honey Bar Soaps

As a sponsor to The Bee Cause, which provides education on natural bee environments, the Savannah Bee Company has been teaching youth since 2013, and helped provide hives for 220 schools in 46 states and four countries. Snag this set of handmade soaps for fresh spring scents like Honey Lavender, Orange Blossom and Blackberry Rose.


Honey Potion

In an effort to help out on a local level, Farmacy joined forces with City Growers by donating $1 for every jar of Honey Potion sold. The nonprofit based in New York, commits itself to educating children on the importance of bees, pollination and the production of honey. Join their “Bee a Honey Savior” campaign.


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