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Coming Up Roses

by Organic Spa Magazine

For centuries, the rose has been lauded as a symbol of love, romance, admiration and even friendship.

But the beloved fragrant flower isn’t just intended for poetry or a vase. The beauty benefits of rose water and rose oil range from anti-inflammatory properties to tame irritated skin, to boosting collagen with petals packed with Vitamin C.  

The Spa at Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills has teamed up with Kypris Beauty for the exclusive new 1,000 Roses Facial, featuring roses culled from Kypris’ biodynamic rose fields in Bulgaria. “When the​ Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills shared their desire for experiences that draw on nature ultra-luxuriously, effectively, therapeutically and sustainably, the project was the epitome of Kypris--for each guest to experience the restorative benefits of touch-therapies, select botanicals and biotechnology, and the process of ecstatic ritual,” says Chase Polan, founder of Kypris. “The entire experience is holistically alchemical: mind, body, and spirit. The spa is the crucible, and the practitioners are the alchemists. The spa team has brought this vision to life beyond our expectations.”

The ritual begins with aromatherapy grounding (a rose quartz is placed on the heart chakra) and a two-step rose quartz cleanse to prep the skin for hydration and renewal. “Roses have traditionally been prized for their heart-centered, soothing, and toning benefits,” explains Magdaleena Nikolov, Director of Spa. “Rose oil is anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, and it promotes healing and uplifting through aromatherapy.” 

Next up is a multi-dimensional exfoliation with water-binding silver-eared mushroom and sea algae; a hand, scalp and arm massage; and a cooling and refreshing rose petal hydration mask packed with tetra-peptides and botanicals such as tulsi (Holy Basil) and chamomile. After, the face is massaged and cooled with specially-designed rose quartz pieces. The ritual concludes with a skin-specific application of serums, golden beauty elixirs and sunscreen. Consider it the ultimate love letter to your skin. 

A Rose Is.... 

Rose oil is a great moisturizer for dry, mature or sensitive skin. It constricts small blood vessels and reduces inflammation and broken capillaries. According to aromatherapists, the smell of rose oil also can help ease anxiety and promote feelings of love. 

Kypris Beauty Elixir 1 1000 Roses Moisturizing Face Oil

A gorgeous moisturizing oil made with botanical extracts and the essential oil of 1000 organic Bulgarian roses, which will feed the skin and leave it feeling petal-soft. 

Shea Terra Morroccan Damask Rose Hydrosol

This beautiful USDA-certified organic steam-distilled rose water is used to mist, plump and hydrate the skin. It is a natural toner that cleanses skin and removes dirt and debris, creating a beauty ritual that is filled with love. 

Shankara Essence Lotus Rose

This lush and lovely oil in a travel-friendly rollerball container is intended to uplift the spirits and expand awareness. And how could it not, since it smells so divine! Also includes sandalwood, frankincense, frangipani and myrrh, to make you love yourself even more.

SanRe Organic Skinfood Rose Cleanse

A certified organic cleanser for all skin types, this purifying cleanser will gently cleanse and remove makeup with a castile-soap base, along with witch hazel and aloe vera. Creamy, soft and emollient, and a little goes a long way! 

Osmia Organics Rose Clay Facial Soap

Certified organic, this plump little bar is loaded with pink and white clay, botanical oils, moisturizers like avocado, jojoba and olive oil, to softly remove dirt and debris and minimize dryness.

--Rona Berg

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