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Alex Elman Organic Wines

by Organic Spa Magazine

If you’re a lover of organic wines, keep an eye out for Alex Elman Wines, a new Connecticut-based company recently launched to find and import sustainable wines representative of their terroir and place of origin. Each wine, explains a company spokesperson, is carefully selected not only for its honesty, but for its unique and authentic flavor, value, and responsible agricultural practices.

The inaugural portfolio features four wines from Argentina: a Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Torrontes. “These Argentine wines were selected because they represent some of the best New World wines at a great value,” says Alexandra Elman, the company’s founder. Elman, who has made a career of professionally tasting and evaluating rare and fine wines, lost her vision in 1995, due to complications from diabetes—a loss that helped her to further hone her sense of taste and smell. She travels the world with her seeing-eye dog, Hanley, searching out the best in sustainable wines. We tried the Cabernet and enjoyed its notes of red and dark berries and hint of pepper. Suggested retail price for all varietals is $12.99.

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