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A Ruby Anniversary Celebration at The Lodge at Woodloch

by Jenny Robinson

Set in the rural Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania sits the award-winning spa and resort, The Lodge at Woodloch. The Lodge opened its doors 15 years ago in June 2006 and is celebrating its Ruby Anniversary this year.

“A close drive to feel worlds away was something that was highly needed for our stressed-out, urban dwelling guests,” says Managing Partner for the Lodge, John Kiesendahl. “During the past 15 years, we have watched the wellness lifestyle transform and our timing was lucky enough to blossom just as that lifestyle was taking flight. The Lodge at Woodloch takes pride in evolving the experience and offerings for the guests so that no two visits are the same,” he continues. “From adding over 425 private acres of land, to expanding the class offerings, expanding the building, growing a garden and orchard, and more… the sky is the limit.”

This year marks The Lodge’s Ruby Anniversary, and a brand-new cocktail has been created to commemorate the occasion this summer. Crafted by The Lodge at Woodloch’s sommelier and mixologist, Leslie Britt, the Ruby Anniversary Crafted Cocktail is as refreshing as it is tasty. For those who would like to celebrate, but can’t make it out there in-person, The Lodge at Woodloch has shared the recipe for their festive new cocktail with us.

We extend our hearty congratulations to The Lodge at Woodloch for sharing 15 years of stellar wellness programming with all of us. Cheers!

The Ruby Anniversary Crafted Cocktail from The Lodge at Woodloch
Topped with a fragrant sprig of rosemary and a tasty berry, this transportive cocktail is the perfect way to bring home some of the pleasures of The Lodge.

2 oz. pink gin
2 oz. ROOT The Granada
5-6 fresh berries, muddled with ice
Sparkling wine, for a topper
Sprig of rosemary and a berry as garnish
Fresh-squeezed lime juice

Pour gin over ice in a cocktail glass. Mix in ROOT. Muddle berries, pour into the glass and stir.
Top with a quick pour of sparkling wine. Squeeze in juice from a slice of wine.

Garnish and enjoy!

NOTE: For those who prefer an alcohol-free version, leave out the gin and swap in sparkling water for the sparkling wine. For a sustainable Pink Gin option, mixologist Leslie Britt suggests Kimerud, a Norwegian brand that focuses on small farming and sustainability.

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