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Fitness News

by Organic Spa Magazine

Get Centred

Who wouldn’t want to work out with Chris Hemsworth’s trainers? Well, now you can. Centr, a new fitness and wellness app created by Hemsworth, features strength-training, boxing-inspired HIIT and power yoga, with more in the works.

Centr Fusion is a six-week program that offers something for everyone. You can start by targeting your goal—or work on all of these, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, get fit and toned. It’s a perfect meld of movement and mindfulness, plus, each virtual workout—in beautiful, light-filled studios—offers a modification demonstrated by an additional trainer. Hemsworth’s team—Ashley Joi, Michael Olajide Jr. and Tahl Rinksy—strikes the perfect balance: They are supportive, motivational, friendly and focused on mind-body fitness, not just segmenting muscle groups. And, they keep it high-energy, and fun.

The holistic approach merges mindfulness, and the program is progressive, so the workouts become more challenging as you move forward. It’s a fun and effective way to bring an A-team of professional trainers into your home. centr.com

Technogym Comes Home

We’ve seen their gorgeous, gleaming machines at top spas and resorts, but who knew that there is now a version of Technogym for home use? The elegant Italian brand, founded by Nerio Alessandri, who designed his first machine in his garage at age 22, recently launched MyRun, a compact and noiseless home treadmill, intended to fit seamlessly into home decor, and suit the needs of the entire family.

MyRun connects to a tablet and offers a range of workouts, from trainer-led sessions, on-demand running and walking workouts, and more, tailored across the board, from beginners all the way to serious athletes. There are a range of new home treadmills out there, designed to save space, but the MyRun also saves power, by recognizing when you step on, then switching on automatically. The environmental impact is also lowered with the MyRun’s reduced power consumption, when in stand-by mode. And they’ve pretty much thought of everything: The running surface is adaptive to how you run, and created to absorb impact with efficiency. technogym.com

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