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A New Spin

by Jenna Mahoney

Step aside Spinning studios, there’s a new boutique fitness trend rounding the track. Group treadmill workouts are on pace to overtake the cycling cardio craze with the introduction of classes at already popular gyms, in addition to specialized outposts such as the new-to-NYC Mile High Run Club. Like the Spinning studios before it, this downtown hot spot promises interval training sessions set to music on individually—and reserved—equipment, along with a strength training portion.
At Equinox gyms across the country, Precision Running adheres to the BITE formula that focus on both aerobic and anaerobic interval training. The dynamic classes focus on form, endurance and serious fat burning. Data collection helps track your progress. And since we’re talking treadmills, we can’t forget celeb favorite Barry’s Bootcamp, the uber effective cardio-strength calorie scorcher, has a treadmill portion for many of its classes.

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