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New Spring Colors

by Organic Spa Magazine

It’s spring, when the world seems brighter and we’re drawn to color. We asked makeup artist and natural beauty expert Rebecca Casciano to give us the scoop on spring color trends.

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Beauty on the Go Mineral Palette by Colorscience, colorscience.com; Ilia Beauty in My Room Lipstick, iliabeauty.com

What are some of your favorite looks this spring? I’m loving the graphic, ‘60s-inspired eyeliner looks and of course, more color! I think a dash of green or electric blue on eyes is a fun way to wear color.
If we are going for a natural look, what will give us a little pop? Try a bright pink or coral blush on cheeks and/or a sheer but vibrant red or pink on lips. This provides just enough to enhance your natural coloring.
Any new products you love? I’m enjoying Nudus, a certified organic lipstick line from Australia. The formula is opaque and colors are just beautiful. I’m also loving Haut Cosmetics, based in Canada. Their vegan balms and tints are multifunctional and made with delicious botanical ingredients.
We love mascara, but always end up with raccoon tracks underneath the eyes. Do you have a trick for us? Be sure to powder underneath the eyes before applying mascara. Keep Q-tips handy while you’re applying mascara and remove any excess around lashes before you head out. Attention to detail is a must with mascara!
Do you have a tip for bronzer that looks warm and natural? For a warm, natural look, bronzer should be just a couple shades deeper than your skin tone. A little shimmer is okay, but chunky glitter and bronzer will look anything but natural! Apply under your cheekbones for a nice contour, sweep across your forehead and nose for a sun-kissed glow.

We Love

Terre & Mer by Thalgo Marine Cleanser Face and Eyes One of the best-loved brands in France for decades, who knew that Thalgo’s organic line was such a winner! We love this super moisturizing cleanser for its clean, green scent; cleansing-without-stripping action; luscious sweet almond oil and organic orange blossom. It removes makeup without a trace, and is Eco-cert and Bio-certified to boot! thalgousa.com

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