When I was growing up in the frozen tundra of Chicago, winters were a double-edged sword. On the one hand, snowball fights, sledding and hot chocolate made sub-zero temperatures be[...]


A preservation haven in the Hawaii of Canada. Set on the western coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Tofino looks like your typical sleepy beach town at first glance, w[...]


Bergamot is a beautiful and fragrant citrus fruit. Its extracts are commonly found in natural perfumes and skincare. Aside from the beauty benefits, according to a recent study by [...]


We love bars and get to sample many that come through the office. For hiking and biking—and special summer activities like Stand Up Paddle Boarding—we look for protein, and for run[...]


These eco-picks will help you make the most of your beach holiday style in the sun, sea and sand. Easy Breezy Sport a carefree hairstyle most suitable for the beach with this liqui[...]


Shelter Restaurant in Tofino, B.C. is favorite among locals and tourists alike. Their rustic menu features the very best fare from area farmers and the freshest seafood available, [...]