The Brazilian rainforest is packed with natural ingredients that can keep you healthy and beautiful Step inside the Amazon rainforest and you’ll be immersed in the cacophony of the[...]


What’s a dentist doing talking about sleep? Sleep medicine dentistry has been around for several decades, but the knowledge that our teeth affect how we sleep still hasn̵[...]


Spa professional Jenni Lipa was inspired by what “spa” really means: “salus per aqua” or “health through water.” While on vacation in Cambodia, Jenni Lipa, president of Spa Trek Tr[...]

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Have you ever noticed how happy babies are when they simply hold onto something, and just bounce? As an adult, I’m now as happy as a baby all over again, because I have discovered [...]


Even though the warm spell of summer is gone, it’s still not cold enough to justify taking out your wool coat from its winter hibernation (at least, not yet). Pick up one of [...]


There’s no time like now to bring us back to the value of a healthy breakfast. Here are some of our favorite organic breakfast cereals: Erewhon Organic Corn Flakes Made with organi[...]