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You Are What You Drink: The Importance of A Home Water Filtration System

by Kelly Forrest

product_carbonseries3_295x306What many people don’t know is that tap water can be contaminated with pollutants such as chlorine, copper, lead and even traces of coliform bacteria. Not only are these chemicals unsafe to drink, one must consider that with each bath and shower, chlorine can be absorbed through your skin.

The Fischback family knew how important it would be for the Rocky River Green Home to have clean, filtered water available not only for drinking, but also for showering and bathing. The obvious answer to this issue was installing the Pelican Water Whole House filtration and salt-free softening system, (a system that they even had in their previous home) which removes the harmful chemicals while keeping the necessary good minerals like calcium and magnesium.

With roots in the water business going back 50 years, Pelican Water has adhered to the idea that everyone should have access to clean, environmentally responsible water in their home. Pelican has established a new standard when it comes to clean water and home water filtering.

What is unique about Pelican systems is that they require no salt, chemicals, or electricity. They are indeed designed for the eco-conscious consumer who cares about what is going into their body.

Pelican water systems also replace the need for bottled water, an industry that depletes natural resources and exponentially inflates the cost of water. With the installation of a Pelican Water System, tap water is proven to be better than bottled water quality and available at a much more affordable cost.

Their product isn’t the only green thing about them; Pelican Water’s facility has been consolidated into one giant factory that houses both corporate and manufacturing facilities in order to maximize their resources. From the interior lighting to the lift trucks on the warehouse floor, the leadership team at Pelican has stood firm in keeping with the mission of being green and making a commitment to the environment.

Instead of contributing to the estimated 80 percent of recyclable plastic bottles that end up in landfills each year, consider the benefits of installing a water filtration system yourself. Eco-conscious and chemical free water for bathing and drinking in the comfort of your own home, a responsible choice for your family and the environment.

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