Yes to Yogurt

By Alia Akkam / September 10, 2011

Great as a breakfast on the go or a filling mid-day snack, yogurt also has an impressive nutritional profile, supplying Vitamin D and calcium, and good, live bacteria that aid in nutrient absorption and digestibility, making it one of the most ideal “convenience” foods found on supermarket shelves. In the summer, when we’re craving cool, light eats, yogurt especially comes to the rescue. Here are a few of our favorites.


Wallaby’s smooth, subtle fruit yogurts were inspired by the founders’ trip to Australia and the creamy yogurt they sampled on their Down Under adventure. Organic milk is sourced from family farms in Sonoma and Marin counties in California, and the yogurt is made fresh daily. Look for the down under line, lowfat yogurt sitting atop mounds of fresh fruit in translucent cups, and the non-fat line in a number of fruity flavors, from Bartlett pear to pineapple coconut.


Rich Greek yogurt, creamier than its standard counterparts, is always a treat. But, the straining process that gets it that way means it also has more protein than regular yogurt. Fat-free Oikos from Stonyfield Farm has just launched its strawberry flavor, joining the lineup of plain, vanilla, honey, and blueberry. Through a Profit for the Planets program, Oikos donates 10 percent of its profits toward protecting the environment.

Siggi’s Skyr

Iceland is the inspiration for Siggi’s Skyr. This thick, strained yogurt, an Icelandic tradi-tion for over 1,000 years, comes in plain, blueberry, orange & ginger and pomegranate & passion. Siggi’s seeks out family farmers who only grass feed their cows, and is made in New York in small batches. High in protein, and sweetened with organic raw agave nectar, the yogurt is made with skim milk, surprising given its creaminess.

Nancy’s Cultured Dairy and Soy

The Springfield Creamery in Eugene, Oregon, has been family owned and operated since 1960. Nancy’s Cultured Soy is vegan and organic, containing the beneficial L. acidophilus bacteria strain, organic soy milk, agave, and fruits. The fresh fruit, obtained from local farmers, is cooked with honey. Blueberry is the newest flavor of the low-fat and organic Kefir (creamy cultured milk) line.


Vegan and organic Nogurt from Boulder-based Rich and Wholesome Foods, is loaded with DHA omega-3 and vitamin Bs. It’s free from common allergens and comes in flavors like blueberry and pomegranate and tempting chocolate, orange, and banana cinnamon. In the fall, expect to see some fitting seasonal flavors.

Stonyfield Farm

This summer, Stonyfield Farm introduces raspberry lemonade, its new Limited Edition Seasonals flavor. The eco-friendly New Hampshire company turns to dairy farmers who are part of the Organic Valley Farm Cooperative to get their organic milk supply.

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