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Whimsical, Festive, & Eco

by Amanda Wright

Flames to fragrances, keep your candles burning green and clean.

‘Tis that festive time of year, when we’re burning more candles than usual. Traditional candles, made of paraffin wax, are a popular choice but there are plenty of great alternatives. When shopping for your new obsession, soy and beeswax candles are the conscious choice. Here’s why.

1. Soy and beeswax candles have no added harmful solvents, such as naphtha or naphthalene.

2. Made from sustainable/renewable ingredients, they benefit the environment.

3. They burn cleanly--look for lead-free wicks--which purifies the air.

4. They hold scents better and last longer than traditional candles.

5. And, they are carbon neutral, free of cancer-causing agents.

Your healthy candle choices depend on your favorite fragrance. We know that essential oils are commonly used to promote spiritual and physical well-being, but they are also better for a cleaner burning candle. 

1. Essential oils are pure distillations of flowers/herbs/roots

2. They have aromatherapeutic benefits to calm, de-stress, revitalize

3. They are naturally occurring and non-synthetic

4.  They hold scents better and last longer than traditional candles

5. The fragrance lingers and infuses the room with a healthy, beautiful scent.

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