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Whats Cooking?

by Organic Spa Magazine

Mushrooms are Magic

You don’t have to be a mycologist to have caught the recent buzz about mushrooms. Infused in teas, elixirs, supplements and snacks, mushrooms are an age-old new superfood. Depending on what type, they are powerful antioxidants (chaga), brain food (lion’s mane) and skin beautifiers (chaga). Packed with nutrients like vitamins D and B, selenium, potassium, zinc, copper and fiber, mushrooms, in all forms, also have anti-inflammatory properties. And, they are delicious! 

Om Beauty-Full, a USDA-certified organic nutritional blend with chaga, king trumpet, cordyceps and shiitake; ommushrooms.com

Tamim Teas, made from organic medicinal mushrooms, in recycled and recyclable canisters, has launched five immune-boosting blends: Chaga Chai, Reishi Delight, Reishi-Chaga Boost, Lion-Maitake Clarity, Lion’s Spice. tamimteas.com 

Shrooms Snacks Crispy Mushrooms, a thick-cut mushroom snack with portobellos, or Shrooms Mushroom Jerky, a meat-free jerky made from shiitakes and portobellos, from South Mill Champs, one of the largest mushroom producers and suppliers in North America, which has been sourcing responsibly for over 80 years; southmill.com

Satisfying and Sugar-Free

When you love chocolate as much as I do, and decide to go off sugar for a while, like I did, it can be a challenge to satisfy the craving. But then I discovered Choc Zero, and all was well in my sugar-free world! Sweetened with monk fruit, it is non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar-free, made with Fair Trade cocoa beans from South America, and, most of all, it tastes good. Choc Zero comes in 50 and 70 percent dark chocolate, and each bag contains 10 squares. choczero.com

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