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What’s Cooking?

by Rona Berg

Healthy Noodles in a Cup

As a college student, I fed myself on the cheap, and a pack of dried noodles—ramen with a spice packet, for under a dollar—could not have been cheaper. As low as my meal standard was on the price spectrum, it dipped even lower when it came to nutrition. Those ramen packets were certainly high in sodium and artificial flavors. But the taste and comfort food factor have been forever imprinted on my palate. 

Of course, I don’t eat that way anymore, but imagine my excitement when Mr Lee’s Noodles crossed my desk. Instant, dried, Asian-style noodles in a cup! Deja vu! Well, not hardly. Mr Lee’s is just as convenient—you just pour boiling water into the recyclable cup—but a world away in terms of nutrition. These are loaded with freeze-dried vegetables, beef or chicken; no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, MSG; no palm oil, hydrogenated or saturated fats; and low in sodium. Four flavors include Tai Chi Chicken, Hong Kong Street-Style Beef, the vegan Zen Garden Vegetable and my personal favorite, Coconut Chicken Curry, which reminds me of laksa, a Malaysian favorite.

Damien Lee originally launched Mr Lee’s Noodles in the UK, and is just now launching at Whole Foods stateside. Just make sure and pace yourself: Mr Lee’s Noodles are totally addictive! mrleesnoodles.com/us/

Plant-Based Pasta Sauces

 Marie Rama is a trained pastry chef and the author of several cookbooks. After her husband suffered from serious heart problems, she was the perfect person to step in, help him overhaul his meat- and dairy-rich diet, and create a plant-based food plan to make him “heart-healthy” again. 

“I made it my mission to create dishes he loved with ingredients that fit his new dietary restriction,” says Rama. Out of a near-tragedy, Rama teamed up with her son, Will Reiter, to launch Hudson Green, a plant-based food company, specializing in delicious, healthy sauces that are bursting with flavor. 

“We have committed ourselves to providing new takes on old classics, using high-quality ingredients,” Rama says. The USDA-certified organic Meatless Bolognese was the first. It is made from caramelized cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, onions and garlic, with walnuts and three types of tomatoes for an authentic Bolognese texture, with no added sugar or water. It is dairy-free and gluten-free.

The Velvet Vodka sauce is, of course, dairy-free, and the cream, butter and cheese have been replaced by unsweetened coconut milk and a special blend of seasonings. We can’t wait to see what they cook up next! hudson-green.com

Make a Proclamation!

I’ll make a confession: Some people love shoes and scarves, I love cookware. The latest addition to my collection: The Proclamation Duo, an ingeniously designed all-in-one set that includes a 12-inch skillet, a seven-quart hybrid pot, and a lid that fits both. 

The beauty of the design is that each piece works separately, or they can hinge together to create a Dutch oven big enough to cook an entire chicken. (It worked perfectly—I tried!) 

You can also use it to sauté, stir-fry, bake bread, make pizza or soup or pretty much anything! And it is eco-friendly—there are no coatings, but the products are naturally low-stick. The Duo is made from a blend of carbon steel, which is lighter than cast iron, and super-light stainless steel. 

Proclamation Goods’ mission is to inspire customers to “Cook For Good.” Products are made in the USA of responsibly sourced materials, and come with a lifetime warranty. And Proclamation Goods has been a member of 1% For The Planet since its launch, with a commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture. Best of all, the Duo holds up to anything—acidic ingredients, metal tools, heat—and it will last forever! There are very few things you can say that about. proclamationgoods.com 

Hero Grill

Outdoor grilling is getting an upgrade from Fire & Flavor, the Athens, Georgia, brand, with the launch of the Hero Grill. The Hero is not only eco-friendly and extremely portable (it weighs in at just nine pounds), it is dishwasher safe—and it’s cute! Because it is so lightweight, it is perfect for camping and hiking. 

The Hero relies on single-use compostable charcoal pods (no lighter fluid necessary), and includes a multifunction thermometer, bamboo spatula, food-safe bamboo cutting board, non-stick ceramic coated grilling surface, and a waterproof carrying case to make it easy to travel with your little grill buddy. herogrill.fireandflavor.com 

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