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We Are Family

by Evelyn Theiss

Fitness isn’t something we want only for ourselves, but for our children, too. We want them to develop a lifelong craving for movement, adventure and time spent in nature.

One way to nurture that desire is with a visit to Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, Lake Geneva, WI, for a long weekend, or, better yet, a week. The resort is known for its winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, but it is in summer that the breadth of activities here really blossoms.

This onetime Playboy Club Resort, built by Hugh Hefner in the mid-1960s and still featuring a golf-course pond shaped like a bunny’s head, has evolved into a destination for all ages. Now it is families who are drawn here to stay at the lodge, with its timeless Prairie-style architecture.

Where the 1,300-acre Grand Geneva Resort really excels is at creating opportunities for kids, teens and their parents to go way beyond hanging out at the pool or at the resort’s on-site waterpark. The topography near the ski hills makes nature hikes rigorous, if that’s what you’d like, or you can take a gentle walk and have your kids explore the vegetable and herb gardens used by the resort’s chefs. Biking paths and tennis courts abound. And there are gentle horses and guided trail rides around the property–be sure to check out the small petting zoo with goats, lambs and miniature horses. You can all channel your inner Katniss by learning archery. They may not hit the bull’s-eye, but your kids will learn the proper technique and find that it’s a blast trying.

Nearby Geneva Lake offers boat rides, jet skis, water skiing, kayaking and fishing in its crystalline spring-fed waters. You can end the day back at the resort with a hearty dinner, then sink into the Adirondack chairs clustered around fire pits on the patios as the sun sinks.  grandgeneva.com

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