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Tropical Delights

by Celia Shatzman

The Beauty of Hawaiian Botanicals

While springtime is technically here, it’s been a long, hard winter. That’s why many people are itching for a warm-weather getaway. Can’t make it to Hawaii? There are beauty products that can bring the islands to you. And trust us—you’ll want to get in on Hawaiian beauty traditions.

“Coconut, kukui nut and macadamia nut oils are very popular in beauty products for their healing, nourishing and hydrating properties,” says Shaw Cote, Four Seasons Resort Lanai spa director. “Many scalp oil treatments include kukui nut oil.” Native to Hawaii, kukui nut oil is known for its healing properties and has traditionally been used to hydrate and protect skin from salt, sun and wind.

The Four Seasons Resort Lanai has long incorporated Hawaiian beauty traditions into its spa treatments. “Our Oceanic Stone Lomi Lomi Massage blends hot salt stones with the Hawaiian tradition of Lomi Lomi and seaweed-based body products,” Cote says. “As extensions of the therapists’ hands, these stones add a grounding and thermal element to ocean-inspired Lomi Lomi techniques to evoke the Volcanic Island experience. The salt stones are composed of crystallized deposits of the trace minerals of the ancient oceans. When moved in the Hawaiian tradition of Lomi Lomi all over the body, spreading seaweed algae massage oil, you get an experience in harmony with your surroundings.”

And there are plenty more locally inspired treatments on the menu. But to be transported to Hawaii without a plane ticket, try one of these Hawaii-inspired beauty products at home.

Dr Teal’s Activated Charcoal
& Black Lava Salt

Hawaiian black lava salt combined with activated charcoal work together to deeply cleanse, restore and renew skin. Plus, pure Epsom salt eases sore muscles, and juniper and grapefruit essential oils leave you feeling rejuvenated. drteals.com

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Daily Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner

There are often plenty of products used between the time you wash and style your hair. That’s how strands can end up coated with product buildup. Enter the new Hawaiian detox duo that’s packed with volcanic clay and tropical fruit extracts to loosen and release flaky skin, wash away styling residue on the scalp, and clear off excess oils, leaving you with shinier, healthier hair. albabotanica.com

Aim HI Every Day Clarity Aromatherapy Face and Body Mist

Crafted by hand in small batches in Oahu, Hawaii, the line is dedicated to organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients that are sourced locally. A spritz of this spray is meant to bring emotional and mental clarity, courtesy of the mix of rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus. aimhieveryday.com

Malie Organics Botanical Body Gloss

Think of it as a lipgloss for your entire body—that’s how much luster it delivers. A blend of creamy coconut oil, raw island honey, beeswax, and the seed oils of fruit and nuts deliver major antioxidants for skin that’s as silky as it looks. The body gloss locks in hydration while creating a protective barrier from the environment. Available in four traditional Hawaiian fragrances—koke‘e, plumeria, pikake and mango nectar. malie.com

Honua Hawaiian Skincare Aloha Youth Serum

Aptly named Honua, whichmeans “earth” or “land,” the line brings Hawaiian healing traditions and medicinal herbs beyond its shores. This serum is packed with locally sourced botanicals for glowing, bright and tight skin, including noni, an anti-ager rich in vitamin C and selenium to boost cell regeneration; ‘Olena, an anti-inflammatory and skin brightener; and Lau Comfrey, a skin regenerator. honuaskincare.com

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