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Travel Well

by Kristin Vukovic

Photography by Robin Jolin

It’s been clinically proven that emotions affect our health, and stress makes us more susceptible to illness. Travel has always been a somewhat stressful experience, and, with increased airport security and new TSA travel regulations, it can be hard to keep your health and emotions in check. To help find balance when you’re up in the air, we talked to experts who developed travel-ready essential oil aromatherapy products that work on your body and mind—so you can create equilibrium wherever you are.


“When we travel, we need to adjust to different temperatures, climate changes, and locations,” says Hope Gillerman, founder of H. Gillerman Organics. “Essential oils speed up the acclimation process.” All products have an olive oil base, which makes them super hydrating.

H. Gillerman Organics “Travel Remedy,” with Litsea, Cedarwood, and Palmarosa, helps relieve jet lag and post-travel sluggishness. “Litsea encourages the body to self-regulate, which helps with time zone adjustments,” Gillerman says. “Cedarwood is detoxifying and helps prevent fluid retention, while Palmarosa calms.” She recommends rolling the remedy directly onto legs before a flight, and soon afterward. To help improve sleep, Gillerman suggests following “Travel Remedy” with “Sleep Remedy,” so you’re fully rested and fresh for the next day. hgillermanorganics.com 


“Where the mind goes, the body follows,” says Cary Caster, founder of 21 Drops. Each formula comes with an intention designed to prepare your mind for the aromatherapy experience. The “Travel Well” trio includes this intention: I open my eyes and mind to the world. I travel well.

“Travel Well is designed to combat things that get off-kilter when you travel, including sleep, digestion, and immunity,” Caster says. “Very few people realize that all of our emotions are chemicals, which respond to essential oils.”

Caster advises applying Immunity (#14) before leaving for the airport, Sleep (#18) an hour before you’re ready to snooze, and Digest (#17) before eating foreign food—or apply it directly onto your stomach to aid digestion. 21drops.com


“We feel stressed and scattered and can get pushed off-balance very easily when we travel,” says Amy Galper, founder of Buddha Nose. “Essential oil blends provide an immediate connection with your emotional and spiritual self. If you take a few seconds to inhale and find stillness, they can help you regain balance.”

Galper never travels without Buddha Nose I Booster Salve. “We’re stuck on an airplane with recycled air and people sneezing,” Galper says. “You can add this to your arsenal to keep you well and stimulate that mind-body connection.” The salve boosts immunity and helps guard against infections. Galper rubs it on her neck and shoulders, and wraps a scarf around her neck to hold it in. To combat jet lag, she recommends a bath with Buddha Nose Detox Bath Tea Sachets upon arrival at your destination. buddhanose.com

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