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Train Your Brain

by Margaret Russell

While most people know that physical fitness is a critical factor to a healthier life, the recent explosion of research into brain structure, organization and function has shown that brain fitness is equally important to your overall health and happiness.

According to award-winning scientist and brain expert Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D., creator of  BrainTap® and a leader in digital wellness, brain fitness is the key to healthy mental and emotional health. 

“Neuroscientists used to believe that the human brain stopped developing during adolescence, but now we know that it can continue to develop and improve as we grow older,” says Dr. Porter. “Dedicating time to brain fitness will provide the necessary steps to nurture that development.”

How does one increase brain fitness exactly? There are some simple methods, such as stimulating your brain by continuing to learn, creative visualization, making sure that you are receiving plenty of rest, prioritizing regular exercise, and utilizing brainwave entrainment technology, which is the synchronization of brainwaves to a specialized sound.

Here are five reasons to practice brain fitness.

1. Stress Relief

You can establish a buffer between anxiety-inducing stimuli and your response with brain plasticity exercises that train your brain to generate different reactions to stress.

2. Better Sleep

Brain fitness can retrain your brain to relax and restore your body’s natural sleep pattern, allowing you to begin each day with a sharp, focused mind.

3. Improved Recovery

Studies have shown that brain fitness following a brain injury can lead to significant improvements in the speed of processing as well as assisting in the recovery of cognitive abilities.

4. Better Decision-Making 

Performing brain exercises can enhance your memory, concentration and focus and can help you complete daily chores faster and more easily, as well as maintain your mind as you age.

5. Improved Learning

Practicing brain fitness can increase gray matter density, improving language and thinking skills, including memory, attention and processing speed. Incorporating brain fitness into your daily routine creates an overall sense of well-being, as well as cultivating awareness of how we think, behave, and feel, resulting in a better quality of life.

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