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Top Five Travel Wellness Tips

by Geena Marie Volpe

Most of us will be traveling this holiday season. As experts in wellness travel, we’d like to offer our top five travel wellness tips for and some of our favorite products that will get you from point A to point B, healthily and happily!

1. Keep your hands clean Hand sanitizers offer piece of mind. One can only guess what our hands touch on a daily basis, especially at the airport and on the plane. Use a hand sanitizer to quell that anxiety and to keep hands fresh.

TRY: EO offers Hand Sanitizer Spray with lavender. The cleanser is soothing and fragrant, with vegetable glycerin for a natural hydration.

Dr. Bronner‘s Fair Trade & Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray is USDA-certified, free of GMO-alcohol and helps to keep hands hydrated, while also keeping them clean.

2. Boost your immune system While in the air, the plane isn’t the only thing flying, germs are, too. It doesn’t matter the length of flight, always gear up on vitamins and essential nutrients to boost your immune system prior to traveling.

TRY: Emergen-C is full of vitamin c, zinc, antioxidants and electrolytes to keep your body balanced and checked in every aspect.

Oxylent not only packs vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes, but tastes good too. It avoids artificial sweeteners, GMOs and comes in single serving packets for adults, kids and prenatal moms.

3. Sleep as much as possible Traveling groggy is no fun. It’s another thing that weighs upon our minds and can impact the mood of your arrival. If you have difficulty getting comfortable, tray a natural sleep aid.

TRY: Napz is a 100 percent natural powdered blend of hibiscus, passion flower and chamomile. Dissolve one packet into water for a quick nap or help with falling back asleep.

A product from homeopathic medicine makers Boiron, Quietude is dissolving tablets with natural ingredients that relieves sleeplessness and restless sleep.

4. Nourish your skin Traveling takes a toll on every aspect of our body. Whether it’s our eyes or hands, the journey begins to take an effect. Pack beauty essentials that will ready your skin for the long haul.

TRY: Farmaesthetics Travel Kit includes six products that addresses skincare needs for face and body, including eye makeup remover and treatment oil, lavender rubs and softening salve. Each product even comes in TSA-friendly containers.

5. Drink plenty of water It’s the easiest tip, but also the hardest, since it’s often the last thing we remember to do. Maintain hydration for your health, skin and to help reduce swelling during long flights.

TRY: Klean Kanteen has an excellent line of stainless steel and insulated water bottles that are durable and travel friendly. Drink a bottle of water before you go through security, then fill it back up at a drinking fountain, for hydration on the rest of your trip.

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