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By Rona Berg / March 4, 2014
When tiny tendrils, buds and stalks are pushing their way toward the sun, it is the time to invest in kitchen tools that will help you cook and eat light, healthy foods at home.
Modern Sprout Planter

Modern Sprout Planter

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MA14_Tools for Healthier Eating_06SLOW EATER These stainless steel, recycled birch, reusable chopsticks are a keeper. Around the kitchen or a campsite, they slow you down before you can stuff yourself. $29.95;
For low-fat cooking that is high in flavor, nothing beats a steamer. Plus, sustainable bamboo lasts forever. $30;



MA14_Tools for Healthier Eating_03JUICY JUICER Features a new three-compartment tube designed to extract the highest amount of vitamins and nutrients, along with a silent motor to keep the noise down.  $279.99;


MA14_Tools for Healthier Eating_01PREP PAD + COUNTER TOP Assemble meals on recycled wood Prep Pad scale, and create a profile with the Countertop app, which  displays your USDA target for fats, protein and carbs. Search the database and build your meal until you hit it. $149;



MA14_Tools for Healthier Eating_02MUSHROOM GARDEN Grow your own organic oyster mushrooms in under 10 days. Yields over a pound, and we hear the Garden can be reused two or three times. $30;




MA14_Tools for Healthier Eating_05MODERN SPROUT PLANTER Made from reclaimed wood or slate, with a built-in hydroponic system that supports up to three fruit, veggie or herbs plants on your shelf or windowsill.  $129;

LIVING YOGURT Lower costs with a one-time investment, and make your own tasty yogurt, with flavors that you love. Comes with seven glass jars with lids for easy storage. $39.99;

Rona Berg

Rona Berg

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