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The Power of Flowers

by Celia Shatzman


Victoria England, founder and CEO of Tulip, put her love of fragrance to good use, in her CBD collection.


CELIA SHATZMAN: How did you initially become interested in perfume?

VICTORIA ENGLAND: I always had an infatuation with scent. Whenever I would go to someone’s house I would always ask them what perfumes they had so I could try them, and in high school in San Rafael, California, I used to save up babysitting money to go over to Berkeley to a place called Body Time. I could mix and match oils into my own concoctions and take them home with me. I was obsessed.

CS: Why did you decide to launch Tulip?

VE: I had been mixing perfume and essential oils since I was 14. After college I knew I wanted to do something on my own. Living where we live did not allow for much of a professional career, so I embarked on this journey.

CS: What is your favorite part of creating a new perfume?

VE: I love when I mix some oils together and they just smell so good. I light up and run around having everyone in the office smell them! I also love how essential oils make me feel. They truly take me to that “wellness” place, a safe haven in my mind where I am well and good and all is right in the world.

CS: What is your philosophy when it comes to fragrance?

VE: It protects us, makes us feel secure, beautiful and powerful. Did we choose it, or did it choose us? Either way it becomes a part of our essence. I also believe that fragrance should remain as such and that the beauty, household and personal-care industry has extracted perfume from its niche space and added it to everything. Now we have the “fragrance-free” movement which is very unfair to perfume itself. Perfume should be used in moderation to keep us uplifted and to attract others. It shouldn’t be in my toilet bowl cleaner, tampons, shampoo and deodorant.

CS: How do you like to wear fragrance?

VE: I spray a small amount on my wrists and then apply a tiny amount behind my ears and knees. I make my wrist the applicator rather than spraying everywhere. When you spray too much it overpowers and you end up wasting so much of the product!

CS: Where do you source your ingredients from?

VE: A variety of places all in the U.S. They are all dedicated to phthalate-free, vegan and cruelty-free. I work with essential oil suppliers who travel to other countries to source oils and have good relationships with their suppliers.

CS: Why is working with natural ingredients important to you?

VE: It was important for me to create something without phthalates and parabens. I feel like perfume has morphed over centuries as the chemical industry has evolved. Phthalates are used to extend the aromatic strength of the perfume. Our perfumes will last five years even without the phthalates. I think that is a fair amount of time. The use of essential oils for me are a window into wellness, especially when it comes to mental well-being. I also believe these natural wonders aid in spiritual awareness.

CS: Where do you look for inspiration for your fragrances?

VE: I live in rural Humboldt County, California. An abundance of natural landscapes, gardens, flora and fauna are everywhere. My environment has inspired me, not scent by scent, but as a whole. My senses are very much alive here.

“Perfume should be used in moderation to keep us uplifted and to attract others. The beauty, household and personal care industry has extracted perfume from its niche space and added it to everything. It shouldn’t be in my toilet bowl cleaner, tampons, shampoo and deodorant.”


CS: What are your favorite ingredients to work with?

VE: I love clary sage! It takes me back to a time in my life when I first started exploring my spiritual side. It is so grassy and earthy and wonderful. I also love mixing dried herbs and smelling the blends. I am planning to start selling more wellness products within my new CBD collections and herbs will be a big part of that.

CS: Why did you decide to expand to skincare products?

VE: I have been making skincare products since 1999. I used to conjure up my cannabis-based lotions and potions in my kitchen and share with friends. When I went into business, I started with perfume because it was very straightforward and I didn’t need as much equipment to get started. I truly believe that CBD will help people and extending my line into this category seemed the next natural step. I am absolutely smitten with our Ageless Light Moisturizer from the H2 Mineral Infusion CBD line! It has frankincense, rose and ylang-ylang—all anti-aging extracts, with pomegranate oil. My other favorite is our Hemp Therapy Calming & Centering Body Cream in Lavender. Lavender is so relaxing and centering and the 400mg CBD helps my stiff neck and sore wrists. I am so thrilled to be at the forefront of the CBD movement. All of these years of working with the plant have taught me to respect it and honor it. I hope others will, too. tulipperfume.com

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