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The Actor and the Sea

by Organic Spa Magazine

Photo by Bon Mackenzie Smith

Actor, producer and director Adrian Grenier, who starred in Entourage, Drive Me Crazy, The Devil Wears Prada, and, most recently, Clickbait, is also well-known for his work to raise awareness about the environment.

In 2017, Grenier helped the UN Environment Programme launch Clean Seas, a campaign to end marine plastic pollution. He supported Wild for Life, an advocacy group on behalf of conserving sawfish. Grenier co-founded Lonely Whale, an ocean conservation nonprofit that advocates for ocean health, with a campaign to raise awareness about the harmful effects of single-use plastic straws on marine wildlife. Lonely Whale recently introduced 52HZ, “a creative consultancy that helps NGOs, brands, and influencers create strategies for building movements in support of our ocean and environment,” according to their website.

“The plastic crisis in our oceans continues to grow and collectively, we need to support conservation efforts and raise awareness around ocean health, or we will lose one of the Earth’s greatest assets,” says Grenier. The actor recently partnered with Mount Gay Rum and Sea Bags on the release of the limited edition Ocean Currents Collection

Photo by Rona Berg

Ocean Currents features two sturdy bags–a Tote and Beverage Bucket Bag–handcrafted in Maine from recycled sails. Every Ocean Currents Tote purchased funds the removal of two pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines through the 4ocean Pound+® program. “Working with Mount Gay Rum and Sea Bags to create the sustainable Ocean Currents Collection furthers our shared goal and serves to inspire others to help protect the ocean, while offering a sustainable gift just in time for the holidays,” says Grenier.

Consistent with the environmental work he’s been spearheading for over 20 years, the actor recently felt pulled to live closer to nature and moved to a farm outside Austin, TX,  where he is immersing himself in a sustainable lifestyle. Grenier is in the process of creating a wildlife sanctuary with llamas, alpacas, perhaps some goats; planting fruit trees; restoring a pond. "I have been doing environmental work for the last 20 years, I've started organizations and run non-profits, all designed to tell people to live more in line with nature and yet, I wasn't living that way," he recently told People magazine. 

The value of living a life steeped in sustainability is something Grenier has always paid forward. Perhaps it takes on an even greater significance over the holidays, when there are abundant opportunities for sharing those values. “The holidays are a time of giving, and the Mount Gay x Sea Bags Ocean Currents Collection is the perfect gift that will inspire action to help preserve the ocean, which is both close to my heart and at the center of the Mount Gay and Sea Bags brands,” Grenier says. “With gifts like this, we’re furthering efforts to protect and conserve our oceans for the future.”

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