Tahitian Coffee

By Organic Spa Magazine / September 20, 2011


1 teaspoon organic orange blossom honey

1 teaspoon Tahitian Vanilla-Infused Organic Simple Syrup (recipe follows)

1 teaspoon organic butter

5 ounces brewed organic coffee

1 1/2 ounces rhum agricole

Pinch of freshly grated organic nutmeg

Organic orange twist

1 organic cinnamon stick


Combine the honey, simple syrup, and butter in a coffee glass or mug. Add the hot coffee and stir until the butter melts and is incorporated. Add the rum, then grate the nutmeg over the top. Garnish with the orange twist and add the cinnamon stick as a stirrer.

Recipe from Paul Abercrombie’s book, Organic, Shaken, and Stirred, contributed by Ellen Swandiak, our Hip Hostess columnist