Party Time

By Ellen Swandiak / September 7, 2011

Party Time:

party timeParty Scenario
All party food is presented on skewers and made to look like flowers or sweet treats.

On the Invitation
Encourage your guests to wear bright colors or flowery prints as a nod to summer.


party timeAmbiance
Purchase a tray of wheatgrass from your local farmer’s market, cut it into shapes to fit on plates or trays, and stick all the food in it.



party time

Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew takes the idea of a light beer into a whole other category. Made from the finest organic honey blended with English malts and hops, its zesty taste appeals to beer drinkers, as well as to those who prefer to drink wine. The touch of sweetness and depth of flavor make it a unique treat indeed. It is traditionally served well-chilled, poured over ice with a wedge of lime. • End the night with healthy shots of wheat grass, with the help of the Hurom Slow Juicer. The mechanism inside works more like a mortar and pestle, crushing and pressing foods—resulting in a rich-colored, vitamin-packed  juice that does not separate. Plus, it cleans up easy. Watch the video on their website to get the whole story. $349,


party time

My friend Derek and I went to town at my last party and created an entire menu based on flowers and candy. • The mini meatloaf cupcakes topped with whipped sweet and Idaho potatoes were a huge hit. • For the vegetarians, we made some falafel-style cupcakes, and topped them with tzaziki and tahini. • We rolled goat cheese balls in chopped herbs or nuts. • Mini puff pastries were filled with spicy shrimp salad and curry chicken salad. • With cookie cutters, we cut both a hearty rye bread, and cucumbers, and topped them with liptauer, a Hungarian dip made from farmer’s cheese and sweet paprika, and added an edamame bean to the center. • Inside colorful red wraps, we spread a 1/4-inch of Tofutti mixed with salmon and dill, rolled them and cut them in wheels to look like spirals of peppermint candy. • For dessert, we dipped cheesecake balls (after putting them into the freezer for a bit) into melted chocolate, then rolled them in coconut flakes and crushed freeze-dried fruit.

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