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Super Shiny Hair from the Inside Out

by Edward Habat

With spring finally here, what's the best way to restore that natural silkiness and shine for the warm weather? Try these tips for super shiny hair from the inside out.

Vitamin C

An orange a day could keep dull hair away. Did you know that vitamin C plays an important role in preventing split ends and general dullness? The Mayo Clinic recommends between 65 and 90 mg of vitamin C per day, which is about as much as is found in a single orange. As an added benefit, getting the right dosage of vitamin C has been proven to help in absorbing iron, another mineral shown to support those luscious locks. Don’t overdo it, though—while not very common, too much vitamin C could lead to poor gut health.


Most of us already know that biotin deficiencies can lead to lackluster hair. But did you know that most of us can get this hair-boosting molecule from regular, healthy diets? Nicole Rogers of Hair Restoration of the South in Metairie, LA explains that like most other B-vitamins, your body will use what it needs and get rid of the rest.


A post in the Dermatology Times cited iron as a key factor in maintaining hair’s shininess. Try adding more whole gains, nuts and seeds, tofu, or most meats if your diet permits.


Though a healthy diet plays a key role in scalp and hair health, it’s no secret that keratin treatments are the quickest way to restore your lock’s lusciousness. When your hair dries out, it becomes more porous and rough. Keratin treatments targets depleted areas, smoothing out the dullness that often occurs from sun exposure or using the wrong shampoo. Though it may take a while in the salon, keratin treatments can last up to three months, so your hair will stay shiny all spring.

Avoid Sulfates and Alcohol Based Products

One of the most common ingredients in most shampoos is a group of detergents known as sulfates. While helpful in removing dirt and grease, common sulfates often strip hair of its natural oils that give it its vibrant color, and are often the cause of allergic reactions for those with sensitive skin. Instead, try a shampoo with a “sulfate-free” label—you may not get as many bubbles in your bath, but your hair will thank you.

As with skincare, alcohol-based products often dry out your skin and hair, making it look dry and dull. Try using water or cream based products instead.

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