Summer Exfoliation

Summer is in full swing! The warmer weather means long days in the sun and trips to the pool with the kids that unfortunately can cause skin to become dull and flaky.

Scrubbing off dead skin, chlorine residue and makeup particles should be an essential part of your summer beauty routine, and can be the key to having that youthful glow. From being more environmentally conscious to finding the right exfoliant for your skin type, we have three tips to help you exfoliate your skin the natural way.

 Ditch the microbeads

Exfoliation should be an essential part of your beauty routine, however, microbeads should not. Those controversial tiny balls of plastic, found in countless face washes and body scrubs, made national news in 2015 when Congress banned them due to their poisonous effects on our waterways. Those pesky particles may be tiny, but they can have a huge impact on our environment. Being small enough to pass through filtration, microbeads often contaminate waterways and ultimately kill marine life, especially in our Great Lakes. Not only are microbeads bad for the environment, but they also are rough on skin and can cause irritation. With the final phasing out of these toxic beads occurring this year, it’s time to get on board with natural exfoliants.

Find the perfect natural exfoliant

Oatmeal, salt scrubs, ground fruit seeds and nuts are just a few of the countless ways to exfoliate naturally. While there are some great natural exfoliants on the market, often the best are homemade treatments that you can easily make with ingredients found at your local supermarket. Finely ground oatmeal is a great gentle exfoliant for those with sensitive skin, as it can gently remove dead skin cells without causing irritation. For those with acne prone skin, mixing a gentle exfoliant with raw honey can work wonders, as it kills bacteria and skin infections with ease. If you have tough skin, go for the nuts and seeds, but still remember to gently massage the exfoliant onto the skin, never grind or rub!

Keep it gentle

Again, while many are tempted to vigorously scrub their skin to remove dead skin particles, the key to healthy glowing skin is to always be gentle with your exfoliant. Start by exfoliating just once a week—Sunday night makes a great pre-week ritual! If you are exfoliating in the shower, make sure to wet your body from head to toe with warm water before you exfoliate. Use a soft loofah or body brush to gently massage the exfoliant on your skin, being extra gentle on your face and around your bikini area. Also, contrary to popular belief you should never exfoliate sunburned skin, even if is peeling, as it will only further irritate the burn and slow down the healing process.

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