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EcoTimber has been making chemical-free flooring from sustainable bamboo and Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood with a commitment to forest protection and indoor air quality since 1992.
– Look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label. FSC is the only third-party forest preservation certifier and the standard bearer.


Wicander’s Cork

Cork oak trees replenish for harvest faster than hardwoods. Portugal-based Wicander’s Cork comfort collection was inspired by nature’s patterns and textures.
– Location matters. Cork flooring once came almost exclusively from Spain and Portugal; now it’s being made in China under laxer standards.


FLOR Carpet Tiles

Assemble these trimmable tiles made from renewable and recycled content to create rugs, runners or wall-to-wall carpet.
– Individual FLOR squares can be removed and sent back to the company for recycling, so one disastrous stain never means replacing the entire carpet.


Teragren Bamboo

A pioneer in the U.S. bamboo building materials industry, Teragren offers flooring in artisan textures and colors that meets stringent indoor air quality standards.
– Buy bamboo from a name you trust. Mass-market bamboo flooring can contain formaldehyde, a carcinogen.


EnviroGLAS Recycled Glass Terrazzo Floors

Made from marble processing waste chips, porcelain aggregate and recycled glass, EnviroGLAS flooring is a grand statement.
– To maximize this floor’s sparkle, use it on spaces larger than 2,000 square feet.


Forbo Marmoleum Natural Linoleum

Made from cork, jute and linseed oil, durable and eay-to-clean natural linoleum requires no finish.
– The vinyl industry hijacked the term “linoleum” decades ago. Plastic sheeting is a far cry from natural linoleum.


Nature’s Carpet
naturescarpet. com

Wool is the best option when it comes to carpet, and Nature’s Carpet won’t outgas chemicals into your home.
– Install carpet using tack-down method to avoid toxic glues.


Carlisle Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Carlisle’s finely crafted reclaimed heart pine, chestnut and barn wood flooring brings history to every home.
– Every 2,000 square feet of reclaimed flooring spares an acre of woodland.


Pictured: Flooring and countertop by Teragren. Flooring: Portfolio Colors Paris Black. Countertop: Chestnut Strand Bamboo Worktop, with a vertical grain caramelized core.