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Sporty Spice

by Jenna Mahoney

Before Alexander Wang was emblazoning his name on sweatshirts for H&M, before Beyoncé and Kate Hudson announced designing workout gear of their own, there was Stella McCartney, the high-end, eco-conscious fashion designer and daughter of one of the world’s most famous vegetarians, and her partnership with adidas. As a celebration of sorts, of their decade-long relationship, in January, the duo launched StellaSport, a playful collection of bold, high-tech fitness apparel.
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Items are bright, branded and designed to look—and stay—cool in and out of the gym. Pieces range from $20 to $100 and are available at Topshop, adidas stores and Nordstrom, among other retailers. In keeping with the designer’s earth-friendly M.O. some items are made of organic cotton or recycled materials.

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