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Spa Wellness for the Senses

by Sandra Ramani
wellness for the senses

Sanctuary of the Senses

Set about two hours northwest of Madrid, near the banks of the Duero River, sits a 1,730-acre medieval estate that was once part of a working abbey, where the brothers tended the land, made wine and spent their lives in contemplation. The soul of those origins is very much felt in the current incarnation of the property which, following thoughtful restorations, was relaunched first as a vineyard and state-of-the-art winery, then, in 2012, as the idyllic, 30-room Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine hotel—complete with a Michelin-starred restaurant that sits in what was once the abbey’s refectory.

Last year, the abbey’s former stables were transformed into the 10,000-square-foot Santuario LeDomaine Wellness & Spa. Along with beautiful facilities, pools with crystal-filtered water and Spa Butlers who assist you throughout the visit, the spa features an innovative Spa Sommelier concept, which is designed to personalize treatments by tapping into all five senses. Each visit begins with a “blind tasting” in which the guests smell a selection of oils and taste some of the award-winning Abadia wines. Based on their preferences, and drawing from ancient holistic and body-mind-spirit traditions, the treatments, techniques and products are then tailored to suit the client’s current physical and emotional needs. Choose from services like fusion massages, cryo-inspired facials and grapeseed body scrubs, or go for the two-hour Le Grand Cru, a combo of several therapies. Spa cuisine and multi-day detox programs offer wellness without any monk-like sacrifices. ledomaine.esSandra Ramani

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