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Spa News February 2014

by Organic Spa Magazine
SNEAK PEEK: Vana, Malsi Estate Retreat

A serene treatment room at the Spa

Detail from a suite with outdoor space

This month sees the opening of the hotly anticipated Vana, Malsi Estate Retreat, a 21-acre, state-of-the-art spa and wellness facility set in the forested foothills of the Himalayas. Though it will be a couple of months before all the offerings are running at full speed (stay tuned for our full profile of the property), we enjoyed an exclusive sneak peek of Vana during a pre-event for the 2013 Global Spa and Wellness Summit, and came away more than impressed.

Along with the excellent therapies (in Ayurvedic, Tibetan, Chinese and Western modalities) and healthy cuisine full of organic ingredients (and minus any refined flour or sugar), we loved the eco-touches, which range from the traditional (the use of solar panels, sustainable materials and water recycling systems) to the smart and unexpected: Since the organic linens in the rooms are only laundered every three days, for example, the fluffy towels are embossed with either a small leaf or flower, so guests sharing quarters will know which towels are theirs. vanaretreats.com

An artist’s rendering of the Vana lobby

–Sandra Ramani


A New Wave

At the International Spa Association (ISPA) Conference & Expo in Las Vegas this fall, we were fortunate enough to take a turn on the WaveMotion BodyWork Table from Spa Equip, Inc. Unlike traditional massage tables, the WaveMotion rotates 360 degrees, rocks from side to side and tilts up to a seven percent incline or decline. For the person lucky enough to be lying on it, the moving table creates a sensation similar to floating on water. It also promotes circulation, relieves pain, boosts your mood and inspires a feeling of deep relaxation.

The Kinetic Flow Treatment at Mii amo Spa in Sedona features the WaveMotion Table, and, according to Spa Director Serene Sanders, “The Kinetic Flow Treatment moves all nine systems within the body; increases blood and lymph flow; aids in the digestive tract; and relaxes the nervous system so the tensions in the muscular system are released. It’s multiple treatments in one session.”

Not only is WaveMotion a hit with spa guests, but massage therapists, who can be prone to suffer repetitive stress, back injuries and carpal tunnel on the job, love it, too. “Because the table allows the guest to be moved almost weightlessly in three-dimensional space, this allows the therapist to move easily and effortlessly around the guest,” explains Sanders, “deepening the experience for the guest without putting strain on the therapist’s body.”

—Rona Berg


Healing in Harmony

Based on the idea that massage is a holistic medium for soothing more than sore muscles, the soulful new Violin Touch massage at The Dolder Grand in Zurich is bound to hit a high note with spa-goers.

Violin Touch, designed by musician/composer Debora Vonwiller, features a live, in-room violin concert to accompany your massage. The music is intended to soothe body and soul with your choice of Vonwiller’s original compositions—“Relax,” focusing on peace and serenity; or “Soul Detox,” inspiring rejuvenation. thedoldergrand.com

–Rona Berg



Massage therapists love the Massage Oil from the Sierra Sage Do It Naturally line because it absorbs seamlessly into the skin, doesn’t run all over the place and smells divine. The new collection also includes 100 percent natural coconut oil-based lubricants and body  butters, perfect for at-home skin conditioning, massage and “enhancing those intimate moments,” says Jodi Scott, CEO & Co-owner, Sierra Sage. “The essential oils heighten the senses,” says Scott: “Rose lavender is calming and relaxing, lemongrass and ginseng heightens the awareness and sandalwood and cinnamon sets the sensual mood.” Happy Valentine’s Day! sierrasageherbs.com

–Rona Berg

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