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Smoky Charcoal: Masking for Beauty

by Organic Spa Magazine

Charcoal is everywhere: in toothpaste, face masks and, this time of year, in the fireplace! But not all charcoal beauty products are created equal. Some are thick or runny, and some do stain. But the One Love Organics Love + Charcoal Masque is just right!

A charcoal mask is recommended for normal, combination, dull and lackluster skin. According to One Love Organics founder Suzanne LeRoux, “It’s important to choose a charcoal treatment mask that will thoroughly purify, but not strip or weaken the skin. To accomplish our goal of creating a powerful yet non-drying formula, we’ve incorporated all-natural, nourishing ingredients, like aloe, cupuacu butter and Alpine rose, which leaveskin feeling refreshed, soft, and healthy. This formula will help clarify your complexion and extract impurities, while nourishing and boosting skin’s resilience.”

LeRoux advises masking two to three times per week if you have oily to combination skin for the maximum suggested time, or one to two times per week if you have dry or sensitive skin for the minimum suggested time. oneloveorganics.com

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